13 bedste private søgemaskiner at bruge!

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Search engines have become an essential part while surfing the internet. However, these engines also risk your privacy whenever you search anything on Google so, your data often gets recorded.

Google is capable of recording your IP address and uses tracking cookies to create your digital profiles, your keywords, and the links you select, and then retains this information in a database which it uses to target you.

A search engine can also reveal your confidential and private information depending on your searches. The data obtained is also sold to third-parties and also attacks you with advertisements.

Private search engines were introduced to make users use search engines in a safe and secure environment. The private search engines offer an entire secure climate for all type of searches. By using a private search engine, the user can freely and anonymous search anything without the fear of getting traced. Moreover, these search engine doesn’t either keeps user’s history nor their logs.

Why it is vital to use Private Search Engines:

Since the FCC has overturned the net neutrality rules after which the service providers and other surveillance agents get access to our data and activities easily.

Moreover, there is also a significant risk while sharing information with third-parties while surfing the net. For this reason, private search engines are advantageous to users.

While using the private search engine, there is a little possibility that your searches will get tracked or leaked. Most of the private search engines do not trace information which can associate you to your search terms.

Private search engines don’t allow creating filter bubbles which separate you from results which might differ with your beliefs.

To sum up all, it is better to use private search engine over any other search engine as it provides better privacy and security to its users.

How to choose the Best Private Search Engine:

Three things are fundamental while selecting the best private search engine. If you’re a beginner, who is unaware of the factors which are significant while choosing a private search engine. So, don’t be worried. Following are three critical elements which are essential while selecting a private search engine:

Search Results: Experts recommends to review the search results of the search engine carefully. Choose a search engine that is effective and perfect both regarding providing privacy and produces good search results.

PrivacyIt is a vital factor while choosing a search engine. Always look at what kind of information the search engine is keeping when you are using their service and then make the final decision.

TrustTrust is another essential factor to consider. Before choosing a search engine always review the history of the firm, the people behind it, their image and reputation in the market.

Best 13 Private Search Engines:

In this age, the significance of privacy is extraordinary. A search engine always comes to your rescue to provide you a safe, secure, and friendly environment while surfing the internet. There are several private search engines. Many of them can’t assure complete anonymity and privacy to the users.

Keeping in mind your online privacy, we have reviewed various private search engines. We have filtered out the best private search engines for you. Mentioned below are the best private search engines which will undoubtedly prove useful and will protect your online privacy

Duck Duck Go:

It is one the best private search engine with its cool feature known as ‘’Bangs’’.

The bang feature enables users to search other sites such as Amazon. Yelp, YouTube, or Wikipedia by initiating their requests with an exclamation mark!

Known as a best private search engine, DuckDuckGo blocks all unwanted ads which becomes a hurdle while surfing the web. It neither stores user’s data or browsing history nor sell it to third-parties.

This private search engine offers some fantastic features which ensure complete anonymity and privacy of the users. It recently added the latest extension in their product line.

The extension provides top-notch privacy to the users making it the best private search engine. The search engine also offers some extra free space for preserving data in the cloud store.

Another attractive feature which DuckDuckGo offers is of configuring the settings of the location. Users by changing the parameters of the site inactivate the tracing of internet connection.

Start Page:

It is a Netherland based search engine. Due to Netherlands strict and powerful privacy laws, it the best private search engine among all its users.

It works effectively to provide fast results while safeguarding your searching and evading keeping traces of your records. It is the best anonymous search engine because it recommends browsing via a proxy server. The proxy server protects you from ISPs who trace IP addresses and location. To ensure your privacy, you can add the proxy server on your browser like on Chrome or Firefox. You can also configure the color theme.

The search engine works by taking inputs but do not uses your IP address for obtaining data. To keep you anonymous it changes the IP address while searching so no one can attempt to get your browsing history.

Search Encrypt:

Search encrypt is another addition in the catalog of the private search engine. Looking for a search engine which offers unusual, attractive feature along with privacy then you must choose search to encrypt.

This anonymous search engine has recently included some amazingly attractive features for the users. These features include privacy-friendly videos, news and maps research.

The search engine is quite popular among the users since it allows users to watch videos with additional privacy protection and security and also short of pre-roll ads.

The search engine uses local encryption to protect your searches. It often combines with AES-256 encryption along with SSL encryption protocol to ensure the privacy of the users.

The most distinctive feature search encrypt offers after users finish searching so, their search terms get expired. In this way, their activity remains anonymous even someone else gets access to their system.

They take maintaining privacy as their prime task. Moreover, it is incapable of creating user profiles. It is a rare feature which other search engines does not possess. This is why search encrypts is one of the best private search engines.


BitClave is another private and secure search engine made with blockchain to ensure user’s online privacy. It ranked among the best private search engines as it allows users to decide what information they want to share with the publicists.

It efficiently abolishes middlemen attacks during the advertising process by directly making the consumer and advertisers communicate with each other. Also, later it encourages users by providing them Consumer Activity Tokens to make search pertinent to the advisers.

In short, their core purpose is to provide security and online privacy to the users. Thus, they offer a user-friendly interface which means safe and secure browsing in a friendly environment.


Searx.me is an anonymous search engine which is known for not storing user’s information. Moreover, it does not create user’s profile and stores their information making itself different from other search engines.

Their goal is to protect user’s privacy, and they are not interested in whatever a user searches. They maintain excellent privacy of the users by not sharing their data to third-parties.

Searx.me is doesn’t compromise on users privacy and hence is highly recommended to use.


Qwant began to function in 2013 with a promise to protect its user’s privacy. It is among the best private search engine because it lies within the European boundary which is a strict follower of GDPR acquiescence.

Their about page quotes that they aren’t interested in showing unwanted ads and victimizing the users according to their searches.

This search engine protects from the influence of five eyes and nine eye alliance.

Moreover, it also offers a similar feature like Bang in DuckDuckGo. Here this feature is known as Qwick search shortcuts which allow direct research to various sites. Just by adding the symbol ‘’&’’ or ‘’!’’ following the name of your favorite sites such as Amazon and Wikipedia, you can access the results.

In this way, your searches become more optimize and also it saves your time.

Sound’s interesting? Then quickly download it and enjoy your experience.

Disconnect Search:

It is a private search engine which effectively disassociates you from the sites/ interfaces which are capable of tracking your footprints. It is entirely safe and secure to use as it only follows those websites which might be harmful to users who are fearful while sharing their private information.

Disconnect Search operates while taking the search inquiry and then displays the result which you demand and instantaneously shows the side messages too. These messages are of that information seeking sites which either keeps records or are a risk of doing so.

In short, it is safe to use with a friendly interface which updates the user about the site they intend to use. Highly recommended!

Wolfram Alpha:

If you’re looking for a private search engine which is an innovator and provides the most authentic and valid results, then you must go with Wolfram Alpha.

Wolfram Alpha shows results from various categories like calculations, and algorithms techniques. It efficiently takes the most suitable input, searches the result from the above-stated classes and also ensures that users approval and satisfaction by providing valid information.

This is a computable search engine which provides most accurate answers and also offers open knowledge to the users. It is a knowledge-filled anonymous search engine which doesn’t track your activities and searching records.


Hulbee is yet another private search engine which is neither concerned with user’s location nor traces their activities. It is an excellent option to go with as it is not at all interested in keeping any records of user’s activity and ensure their complete anonymity.

It permits the user to erase their online activities making them the best anonymous search engine.


Oscobo is one the best anonymous search engine which is incapable of tracing any data or activity of the user. It provides high-end privacy to the users by not letting the third-parties to get control of their data.

The prime objective of this search engine is to safeguard and protect user’s privacy while surfing the internet. For this reason, it neither keep traces of their activities nor keeps logs.

If you are looking for a search engine with no logs feature, then you must try Oscobo.


Yippy also ranks among the best private search engine as it provides excellent privacy to its users.

It works exceptionally well when you want to bypass government and ISP surveillance.

If you want to search any restricted or confidential content, then you must go with Yippy! It provides some fantastic features and rare data experience to the users which allow a super-fast and spontaneous evaluation of information.

With Yippy, you can yourself filter the results according to the category and can also mark any inappropriate results making your surfing experience completely anonymous.

It is best as it blocks customized ads and does not trace your activities too. You can enjoy searching various kinds of contents such as blogs, news, web, images, and many more.

Isn’t it sounds great?                                                                                                          

Discrete Search:

Since the discrete search engine does not track user’s information and keeps their activities anonymous and private thus, it is also known as the best private search engine.

If anyone is looking for some extraordinarily rapid results in a user-friendly interface, then the discrete search is the right choice to make.

To ensure user’s privacy and to make their searches private while surfing they use end-to-end encryption.


It is the most suitable search engine for any result. It provides perfect results in all its searches. MetaGer mixes with a proxy server from where you can jump to any anticipated or unidentified link from the research result page thus making it the best private search engine.

The search engine vows to protect your data from losing or getting tracked. Furthermore, it also protects your IP address and keywords from getting traced from the sites you log-in.

It secures you from unwanted ads which may use your page for advertisements. The only disadvantage of using this search engine is that its default language is German.

Final Thoughts:

In this global age with increased risk of cyber-attacks and threats, there is an utter urge to use a private search engine. Hence, it is essential to choose a known and reputable search engine to ensure complete privacy and anonymity.

It is essential always to consider the factors which are necessary before picking up the suitable search engine according to your need and desire.