5 gratis proxyudvidelser | Bedste fjernelse af blokeringsproxy for browsere

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Desperation takes over all the other desires when it comes to online surfing and browsing. When an internet user is restricted to access certain content, they always search for effective alternatives which could bypass these blockades. Among these techniques, one of the most known ones is proxy but not everyone is familiar with the best free proxy servers.

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Among many, it is difficult to find out an efficient free proxy. However, it is a much needed and instant solution for unblocking blocked content.

What is the Purpose of a Proxy?

A proxy is an anonymity tool that masks your IP address and acts as an intermediary for the received requests. The proxy makes it easy for you to access regular internet content without added software or efficiencies.

Without Proxy Server

5 gratis proxyudvidelser | Bedste fjernelse af blokeringsproxy for browsere

With Proxy server

5 gratis proxyudvidelser | Bedste fjernelse af blokeringsproxy for browsere

Your IP address, as assigned by internet provider is the identity which exposes your real location and hinders you from accessing content blocked in your region. However, a proxy routes all your traffic from its server, hence, masks your real IP address.

Most of the countries have now implemented blockades to their streaming channels or websites to restrict citizens from other countries. On the contrary, most of the countries have imposed bans on some websites for their citizens. For instance, China has blocked many websites including the popular ones such as YouTube, Facebook, and else.
A proxy could evade this issue through servers located in different regions and your IP is switched according to the server you select.

Another concern is regarding the restrictions placed by the institutions for instance how to unblock websites in school or maybe an office. Therefore, it’s another situation where a best free proxy could be effective. Like if the institute or organization has blocked a website but hasn’t blocked a certain proxy which you are using than proxy could be an intermediary to access that site’s content.

What Makes a Proxy Uncertain?

Proxy being a popular solution to access blocked websites is also a tool that could sometimes be harmful in terms of Privacy.

Your IP address is masked from being exposed to the websites you visit; however, while using the free proxy as well as a paid one your ISP is able to see your real IP address, hence he could track all your online activities.

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Also, a thing to consider is that the cache system of the proxy server is really efficient and responsive. Therefore, most of the times your data such as passwords, browser history or any other sensitive data could be looked up by the proxy service provider.

Proxy lets you access unsafe sites too. For example, a site without SSL certificate could contain viruses that could take over your system through clicking something or by any other technique.

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5 Best Free Proxy Providers: Efficient Unblocking Tools

There are a huge number of free proxy providers available on the web among which it is difficult to figure out the working ones. To cater our readers and to save their time while being tangled into unresponsive proxies, we have filtered out the best free proxy providers.

These proxies are popular as well as were found working while being tested.

#1 – Anonymouse

Anonymouse is a free proxy software that lets you unblock your wanted site or content by just entering the website name in the given address bar.

5 gratis proxyudvidelser | Bedste fjernelse af blokeringsproxy for browsere

Its website doesn’t contain an attractive user interface; however, it is capable of supporting web, email, usenet (news) proxies.  It supports the two languages that are English and German. Among its free services, they provide users to upgrade the free proxy into a paid one.

With this switching, it gives the advanced features to the users including ad-free surfing, heavy downloading, and access to HTTPS websites.

2# – Hide.me

Among the hundreds of available online proxy, Hide.me is the one considered among the best free proxy servers. It is a super fast free proxy that has comparatively less intrusive ads and pop-up window displays.

They provide you with the opportunity to select between three locations that are Netherland, Germany, and the USA. Along with this, you can encrypt URLs and pages, enable or disable cookies, scripts, and objects according to your will.

5 gratis proxyudvidelser | Bedste fjernelse af blokeringsproxy for browsere

Hide.me gives you an easy access to your required content that is you just need to enter the URL into the search bar.

#3 – Hidester Proxy

Hidester is one of the most reliable free proxies among the thousands available online. For your browsing, you could select between the two servers which are the US or a Europe server. This proxy allows you to change your browser appearance to a certain website through changing the browser referrer.

Along with that, you could also encrypt the URL, enable or disable cookies, allow scripts, and could also strip away things from loading.

5 gratis proxyudvidelser | Bedste fjernelse af blokeringsproxy for browsere

Hidester, having an SSL support, is a protected proxy server that evades the risks of scripts and other harmful methods that are dangerous for your device.

#4 – HideMy Ass

You might have listened about HideMyAss as a VPN; however, it is also available as a free Proxy. They have a really easy handle for the users to operate it. All you have to do is, go to the address bar and just enter the web address of the site you want to visit.

5 gratis proxyudvidelser | Bedste fjernelse af blokeringsproxy for browsere

HMA is one of the best free proxy providers which allows you to unblock sites without exposing your real IP address.

5# – Whoer.net

Whoer.net is also among the best free proxy servers as they describe themselves as a fast unblocking solution for the internet users. One of the major factors boosting this capability is an adequate number of servers which are located in different countries.

5 gratis proxyudvidelser | Bedste fjernelse af blokeringsproxy for browsere

You are given the opportunity to select the server of your own choice among the locations of USA, UK, France, Netherland, Russia, and Sweden.

Also, they allow you to carry out a ping test which will let you find out the response time of the accessed website or your internet connection.

6# – KProxy

5 gratis proxyudvidelser | Bedste fjernelse af blokeringsproxy for browsere

KProxy is the free and unique web proxy that also had portable web extension/app which could be easily downloaded on the Chrome and Firefox browsers. For both the browsers, you need to download a separate app.

KProxy varies with other anonymous proxies in a way that it offers users an option to hide menu which makes browsing easier. Also, the proxy provides 10 servers in different locations so if a user is unable to access content from one IP, he/she could switch to another server.

The apps for Chrome and Firefox have a benefit that all the web traffic inside the browser is anonymized which is a kind of VPN function. However, the KProxy doesn’t help in anonymizing traffic or data from other apps except for the browser for which you have KProxy app.

7# VPNBook

5 gratis proxyudvidelser | Bedste fjernelse af blokeringsproxy for browsere

VPNBook is also a preferable choice when you are looking for the free proxy service. The most beneficial thing about this proxy service is that it offers an unlimited bandwidth with the smart CDN Fallback, free PPTP, and OpenVPN services.

VPNBook provides 256-bit encrypted connection and has different servers including Canada, United States, and the United States. These locations give more content opportunities as many popular sites are based in these countries. The usage for this anonymous proxy is really simple as the user only needs to enter the URL at the top of the page.

One downside of this free proxy is that it does allow control over blocking cookies or scripts.

8# ProxySite.com

5 gratis proxyudvidelser | Bedste fjernelse af blokeringsproxy for browsere

Unlike many anonymous proxies, the ProxySite.com has faster browsing speed with completely free service. It has a user-friendly interface along with the access to popular sites including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit and many others.

Along with the presence of various servers in Europe and US, you are allowed to switch the server anytime you want. The ProxySite.com has secured SSL encryption and more amazingly it allows control over cookies, javascript, ads and other objects on your page. Also, it provides privilege of encrypting URL and the page through the website.

Final Verdict

All the best free proxy services we have described above are the efficient ones; however, we regularly update these and add new ones which we find more responsive.

The free proxy could be an instant solution for ordinary content access and for unblocking purpose. However, if you want a regular unblocking solution with privacy conformity than you must select a tool like VPN which provides you anonymity as well as encrypts your traffic.