Bedste VPN til Chrome-browser – Kriterier for markeringen

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Chrome web browser was launched by Google in December 2008. It was quickly adopted by tech-savvy net users by a large margin i.e., over 40 percent worldwide user share. Chrome took the Internet world by storm just as it was released in the market. Chrome is a versatile browser with a user-friendly setup thus it is chiefly opted for surfing the Internet. However, by pairing up with the best VPN for Chrome you can surely protect yourself from the prying eyes of hackers and ISPs.

Criteria for the Selection of Best VPN for Chrome

Our selection criterion for the best VPN for Chrome is based primarily on the following features:

  1. Ultra reliable servers
  2. Bypass censorship and unblock geo-restricted content
  3. DNS leak protection to prevent ISPs from tracing activity back to original IP
  4. OpenVPN protocol with at least a minimum 128-bit AES encryption algorithm
  5. Fast, constant download speeds
  6. Customer support should be reliable enough
  7. Strict zero log policy
  8. Shared IPs to add anonymity
  9. Adequate number of servers should be offered
  10. Internet kill switch that stops all traffic if ever the VPN connection drop

5 Best VPN for Chrome Browser

If you are not particularly a tech-savvy then selecting the best VPN for Chrome might seem really troublesome to you. Therefore, we have brought forth this article which is definitely going to help you select the VPN for Chrome which suits you best.

(1) – NordVPN (Location – Panama)

Countries: 50+ | Server Locations: N/A | Number of Servers: 760+ | Multi-Device: 3

nordvpn for chrome


  • Exclusively featured VPN software
  • Zero log policy
  • P2P support
  • Remarkable security
  • Double VPN feature


  • Double VPN feature might sometimes slow the performance
  • Free trial is hidden and complicated

NordVPN is undoubtedly a versatile VPN provider therefore, it ranks among the best VPN for Chrome. It is packed with extraordinary features like the Kill Switch and anti-DDoS feature. Onion over VPN feature of this Chrome VPN extension adds an additional layer of security via Onion Router. It is a hoard of more than 760 servers worldwide thus making you accessible to geo-restricted and censored websites.

NordVPN has various security protocols like PPTP, SSTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPSec etc thus ensure inflexible encryption. Based in Panama this best VPN for Chrome has a strict zero log policy. In order to assure complete anonymity, NordVPN masks the IP address with one matching the remote server’s location.

The customer support provided by NordVPN is reliable. The pricing plans offered by NordVPN come with a 30-day money back guarantee. The pricing plans include:

  • 1 Month [$11.95 per month]
  • 6 Months [$7.00 per month – $42 for 6 months]
  • 12 Months [$5.75 per month – $69 for 12 months]

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  • 2 Year [$3.29 per month – $79 for 2 years]*recommended*

(2) – ExpressVPN (Location – British Virgin Islands)

Countries: 94 | Server Locations: 135+ | Number of Servers: N/A | Multi-Device: 3 expressvpn for chrome


  • Wide range of servers
  • Great performance
  • Fast streaming and good P2P connections
  • No usage logs
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Guaranteed anonymity


  • No free trial available
  • Simultaneous connection to 3 devices only
  • A bit pricier

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN for Chrome thanks to the flawless security and performance that it provides. It is a renowned service which has availability on many platforms. The rigid security offered by ExpressVPN minimizes the risks of data theft and hacking. This Chrome VPN extension encrypts data with the 256-bit encryption algorithm which makes sure what your network and Wi-Fi connection is secure.

ExpressVPN offers unlimited bandwidth, as the servers are spread globally, which reduces the chances of sudden speed drops. The easy-to-use software provided by ExpressVPN ensures great performance. It also allows its users to bypass the Great Firewall. This Chrome VPN extension offers guaranteed anonymity to its subscribers.

The customer support offered by ExpressVPN is remarkable as well. It also helps unblock restricted and censored content. ExpressVPN is a bit pricier but you never get compromised on quality service. The pricing plans include:

  • 1 Month [$12.95 per month]
  • 6 Months [$9.99 per month – $59.95 billed every 6 months]
  • 12 Months [$8.32 per month – $99.95 billed every 1 year]*recommended*

(3) – PureVPN (Location – Hong Kong)

Countries: 141 | Server Locations: 180 | Number of Servers: 750+ | Multi-Device: 5 purevpn for chrome


  • Vast server coverage
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Split tunneling feature
  • Excellent performance


  • Strict refund policy
  • DNS leak

PureVPN ranks among the five best VPN for Chrome. It supports a host of security protocols including IKEv2, PPTP, SSTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPSec which ensures ironclad security. The 256-bit encryption provides military grade encryption and protects your data from cybercriminals and ISPs. PureVPN also has Internet Kill Switch and Split tunneling feature which lets you utilize the VPN services for Chrome browser only.

Based in Hong Kong, this Chrome VPN extension neither keeps logs nor does it monitor the user activity. Its vast expansion with more than 750 servers makes it really efficient in unblocking restricted content. PureVPN allows multiple device connectivities for up to five devices simultaneously.

The DNS leak faced by their DNS servers is the only drawback associated with PureVPN. The customer support offered by this Chrome VPN extension is reliable. The pricing plans come with a 7-day money back guarantee and they include:

  • 1 Month [$10.95 per month]
  • 6 Months [$8.95 per month – $53.70 billed every 6 months]
  • 2 Years [$2.95 per month – $70.80 billed every 2 years]*recommended*

(4) – Private Internet Access (Location – United States)

Countries: 25 | Server Locations: N/A | Number of Servers: 3263+ | Multi-Device: 5 private internet access for chrome


  • Cheaper than other VPN
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Wide range of servers
  • No log policy


  • Average performance
  • No free trial available
  • Some websites are inaccessible

PIA (Private Internet Access) VPN is a tough contender of the VPN industry and thus it ranks among our five best VPN for Chrome. PIA is a well-designed VPN and works for different platforms as well. Although PIA is based in the United States it has clearly stated in its privacy policy that they keep no logs.

This Chrome VPN extension protects your identity with by using an anonymous IP and thus ensures your security over a public Wi-Fi. PIA allows you to bypass geo-restriction and censorship thus lets you enjoy the online freedom to its fullest. This best VPN for Chrome also offers tracking, malware, and advert blocking.

Additional features include a Kill Switch, DNS leak resolver, and categorizing gateways by latency so that you can easily become accessible to the fastest connection available. The performance offered by PIA is average; however, the speeds are good enough and thus are acceptable.

The customer support is available 24/7 and the support channels are highly reliable as well. PIA also offers a 7-day money back guarantee with its affordable pricing plans. the pricing plans include:

  • 1 Month [$6.95 per month]
  • 6 Months [$5.99 per month – $35.95 billed every 6 months]
  • 1 Year [$3.33 per month – $39.95 billed every 1 year]*recommended*

(5) – Ivacy VPN (Location – Singapore)

Countries: 50+ | Server Locations: 100+ | Number of Servers: 250+ | Multi-Device: 5 ivacy vpn for chrome


  • Feasible pricing plans
  • Above average performance
  • Economical pricing plans
  • No log policy
  • Great customer support


  • No free trial
  • No live chat support available
  • Mobile support is not quite up to the mark

Ivacy VPN has worked really hard in order to gain the top positions among the best VPN for Chrome. The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) offered by Ivacy VPN has made it a tough competitor in the VPN industry. The quality security and privacy services offered by this Chrome VPN extension have allowed it to surpass other VPNs.

Vast areas of resources have been covered by the FAQ section provided by Ivacy VPN. The customer support channels offer the most reliable services as well. This best VPN for Chrome allows you to bypass port-blocking, ISP throttling, and firewalls as well. The set of advanced encryption protocols utilized by Ivacy VPN ensures protection from hackers and snoopers.

Ivacy VPN provides a software client that is easy-to-use and easy-to-setup. Based in Singapore, it has a strict zero log policy which provides you security while torrenting as well as throughout your entire online activity. However, the mobile support of Ivacy VPN is ineffective and is not quite up to the mark.

The pricing plans are quite affordable with a 7-day refund policy. The pricing plans include:

  • 1 Month [$8.10 per month]
  • 6 Months [$5.40 per month – $32.40 billed every 6 months]
  • 2 Years [$1.83 per month (after coupon) – $44.10 billed every 2 years]*recommended*

Why Should Free Chrome VPN Extensions Be Avoided?

Chrome extensions like Zenmate, Hola, DotVPN etc are not real VPN at all although they may function similarly to VPNs. The traffic is encrypted and sent through a tunnel which can help bypass censorship and unblock websites, as well as ensure privacy up to some extent as well.

However, such Chrome extensions are simply just encrypted proxies like the HTTPS or the SSL proxies. They are just VPNs in their name only as they only encrypt the traffic flowing from the Chrome browser whereas true VPNs encrypt the entire traffic flowing from and to your entire device. These ‘clientless’ Chrome extensions are also vulnerable to many security issues because they do not use an IPSec-encrypted protocol like SSTP, IKE, or L2TP, or OpenVPN protocol. Both of these protocols can be installed on a user’s device if they have a native client on their device. The major point of superiority for a true VPN is that it extends to remote access machines whereas these extensions do not offer this feature.

A security expert from the University of Michigan, Charlie Hosner explains the vulnerabilities that are posed by clientless SSL VPN extensions. Keyloggers, remote management tools, and man-in-the-middle are among those vulnerabilities.

Moreover, the free VPN services whether being the native apps or the browser extensions are extremely limited. They inflict data caps, bandwidth throttling, and waiting queues. Many of these can also inject tracking cookies as well as advertisements into your browser and thus can result in compromised user privacy. Using a decentralized peer-to-peer structure is the worst feature of some of these extensions, as it reduces the idle bandwidth on users’ devices thus making them prone to a repetition of threats and attacks. In one infamous case, Hola VPN suffered from the accusations which ultimately proved to be correct where it mine bitcoin and perform massive botnet attacks by leveraging everyone connected to the network.

These are some reasons why free VPN for Chrome are not considered as true VPNs. Thus if you want a true VPN then you will have to install a native application or configure the VPN in your OS. Therefore, we recommend using paid VPN for Chrome instead of opting for the free one as you will get the promised quality services for which you will pay for.

How to Set Up Proxy for Chrome

This stepwise tutorial will help you set up a proxy for Chrome:

  1. In the Chrome browser, click on the “Customize and control Google Chrome” having a marker (1) and then choose “Settings” marked as (2) in the image below.
  2. In the Settings, select “Show advanced settings…” (3). VPN-for-Chrome
  3. Under the “Network” title, select the “Change proxy settings…” (4). VPN-for-Chrome
  4. In the ‘Connections” tab (5), click on the “LAN settings” (6). VPN-for-Chrome
  5. In the “Local Area Network (LAN) Settings” dialog box, check “Use a proxy server for your LAN” (7). Fill in the IP address (8) of your proxy server. Also, fill in the Port (9) with the proxy server port number. Click “OK” (10) and then again click “OK”. VPN-for-Chrome

By following the 5 simple steps mentioned above, you can easily set up proxy for Chrome and browse safely and anonymously.


VPN ensures that your Internet connection is encrypted so that it stays safe from ISPs, government, and hackers. The Chrome VPN extension helps its users to enjoy the perks of online freedom by hiding their IP and making them anonymous. In order to gain maximum protection on Chrome browser you should employ the best VPN service provider or else your privacy might be put at stake. in our opinion, the above-mentioned are the five best VPN for Chrome browser.