Forbedre dit privatliv med disse browserudvidelser

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While browsing online you could experience a lot but simultaneously it could affect your privacy. To prevent such risks on security there are some great browsing extensions, claiming their service as the best to protect your online privacy. But the point is that how do one know about the best extensions?

Today we will explore some of the best privacy providing browsers through our blog. These all browsing extensions are free of cost and excellent in providing online privacy.

AdBlock vs UBlock Origin   

AdBlock allows preventing page elements such as advertisements from being shown while you browse online. It helps to give you the command to create your browsing experience as you want. However, you can block certain ads on some sites and scripts from the third person which can transfer your personal data.

The way AdBlockers work is interrupting the business of websites, as they depend on online advertisement revenue.

AdBlock plus(ABP) is used by some people on every site without any exception but other are those who make it specified for certain sites.

Forbedre dit privatliv med disse browserudvidelser

ABP is one of the most used AdBlocker extension. One of the causes of it being popular is its easy working and ability to block pop-ups, rollover ads, banner ads, and much more.  It is also a known malware- hosting a domain with power to stop third-party tracking cookies and scripts.

AdBlock mobile is the extension provide its users with the power to block ads on the apps and browsers. With AdBlock mobile, you are able to reduce your mobile data usage.

Whereas, ABP has faced critics by its users when found to pass certain company ads such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon and many other large companies who pay them.

However, UBlock Origin is considered as the AdBlock alternative for online browsing.

Forbedre dit privatliv med disse browserudvidelser

Ublock Origin VS AdBlock provides more options of ad blocking. Making it personalized, UBlock Origin provides you the opportunity to control the ad visibility i.e you could see ads of your choice and can block the one you doesn’t want.

With the addition to this, Ublock v. AdBlock is less memory consuming letting you a fast browsing experience.

UBlock Origin is accessible by Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge; ABP is available for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Android and Internet Explorer.

Disconnect VS privacy Badger

The browsing extensions providing online security also includes Anti-trackers. Anti-trackers unlike AdBlockers protects you from malvertising (‘malicious advertising’) and tracking by stopping cookies.

The disconnect is one of the most popular anti-tracking extensions. It is easy to operate while it protects you from malware, tracking, malvertising and even has secure Wi-Fi and bandwidth optimization also letting you control all site scripts from the toolbar menu.

Forbedre dit privatliv med disse browserudvidelser

Tech giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter are also blocked by Disconnect generally when they make attempts to collect your data off-site.

Besides this, Privacy Badger is the extension by Electronic Frontier Foundation known for its fight against online security.

Forbedre dit privatliv med disse browserudvidelser

Privacy Badger Chrome makes a difference when it just doesn’t give you the list of cookies or trackers to be blocked. But the feature creating a distinctive line between Privacy Badger and others is its own heuristic algorithm that figures out your browsing activity to decide what it should block and for this, you have to use Privacy Badger chrome more often.

Privacy Badger is available for Chrome, Opera, and Firefox; Disconnect is available for Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Chrome.

Other vital Tools that can help you

In providing you secure online browsing, the above privacy extensions will definitely help you to have a much better browsing experience.

But some other tools could also cater you while browsing.

While browsing, HTTPS everywhere will provide you the secure versions of your preferred sites by taking you to SSL sites whenever possible. For this purpose HTTPS everywhere Chrome keeps you safe and provides you easy online browsing.

On the other hand, VPN is the technology which creates a secure connection to a remote server of your choice, making it seem as if your connection is coming from there. VPN keeps you anonymous and provides secure browsing.

If you want secure browsing, you need these tools and extensions which are some of the available privacy means. But with these you should be aware of the fact that having such tools is not just enough to ensure online privacy, you must use them.