Hvad er Clickjacking, og hvordan kan du beskytte dig mod det

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Hacking and data attacks are done through many ways which help an attacker to access your information. But you are likely to be unaware of a hacker used technique Clickjacking. Unlike social engineering, SQL injection, DDoS attacks, and others, Clickjacking is the one which is not discussed much. However, it is equally harmful and vulnerable as others.

What is clickjacking, how to prevent it and where it is found? To all these questions, this article would help to answer. however, it is baffling to identify this method of hacking.

What is Clickjacking?

Clickjacking as seems by name is a technique by which user is trapped through clicking anything. It is done in a number of ways by deceiving the user as the object they are clicking is different from which it seems to them.

UI addressing is another term used for clickjacking. This is because the process includes a technique by which user expected interface is placed under another transparent user interface. That’s why the user clicking on something interesting turns out to be malicious for their device and data.

Another tactic used in this method is the one by distracting the user through altering the cursor position. The cursor displayed at one position is actually in another. Through this attacker can make people click on things which could give their personal information.

Clickjacking includes a range of such unusual and ingenious attacks. Similar was the one reported recently, in which an innocent looking image on WhatsApp could transfer your account control to the image sender, once the image is clicked by the receiver.

Hvad er Clickjacking, og hvordan kan du beskytte dig mod det

Social-engineering attacks are also included in clickjacking category by some individual. For instance, on twitter, a tweet including a link and phrase ‘don’t click’ was circulated in 2009. And when any person clicks on it the same thing, it is tweeted from their account also. Such method is also used to earn money through links on facebook.

If you are assuming that clickjacking is just done through clicking, you are mistaking it. It is also reported on android device. Android.Lockdroid.E, an android ransomware gain control to the targeted device through clickjacking.

How to prevent Clickjacking

If you are a website administrator, you can prevent clickjacking. But if not, then there are not many efficient and useful ways to avoid clickjacking.

However, one of the most suggested ways to prevent clickjacking is to use No-script firefox extension while browsing. Same as Advertisement avoiding extensions, No-script will prevent any script from loading until certain authentication from you.

No-script with anti-clickjacking features will identify the script which generates transparent overlays on websites. Certain extensions with preventing script features and app downloading could also save you from clickjacking.

Hvad er Clickjacking, og hvordan kan du beskytte dig mod det

However, site admins are the way through which best clickjacking defenses could be gained. Yet, most of them are abstruse and technical. But if you want the way to implement them, you can check out it at  Clickjacking Defense Cheat Sheet from OWASP.

To stop clickjacking, you could also include an x-frame-options HTTP header which is one of the most efficient ways to protect your site. It inhibits your website’s content to be loaded in a frame ( tag) or iframe ( tag).

Alleviating the threat, it is an effective way to avoid clickjacking, as this tactic is used as attack facilitator for clickjacking as well as other malicious attacks.

X-Frame options, you can use

There are three possible values for X-frame-options header;

DENY:  the page cannot be displayed on a frame even if the site attempts to do so

SAMEORIGIN: which only allows the current site to frame the content.

ALLOW-FROM uri:  The page can only be displayed in a frame on the specified origin.

A real concern for everyone nowadays is any vulnerability into their android devices. To reduce the chances of clickjacking on your phone, you should use authentic and trusted apps for the downloading purpose. Downloading apps such as Apple App Store or the Google Play Store are less likely to include any malicious stuff as compared to any third-party source, yet they are also not fully free from such vulnerabilities.

In-app browsers are a most likely place where you can face clickjacking attack. So, instead of using the in-app browser, you could set the default behavior for link-opening in your apps to open in the system browser. This will dispose of one more chance of you to be trapped.


Clickjacking seems more nuisance than it really is. However, if it is used efficiently and cleverly by an attacker than it could give them access to your sensitive information and personal accounts.

Clickjacking could give you serious harm as it usually comes from an indiscriminate source. To avoid Clickjacking you could use script blocking extensions but keeping in mind the thing that these kinds of add-ons are also a bit controversial.