Hvad Redditer synes om Avast Secureline – Reddit Review

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Avast as a name is really popular for security and they claim themselves to be an internet security powerhouse. Avast Secureline VPN is an initiative from market renown was thought to have similar efficacy.

Yet, many people were curious to know about the details before selecting it for themselves. Therefore, I have designed an Avast VPN review to answer the popular VPN associated questions such as torrent efficiency, streaming and unblocking capability, security, etc.

To make the verdict more authenticated, the reviews on Reddit were monitored which were mostly from the users of Avast Secureline VPN and the experts of the field.

Avast VPN – Overview

Avast VPN is a simple VPN with the easy setup procedure. There are simple installation steps on their official website through which you can get Avast VPN working in just a few seconds.

They have a setup of almost 52 servers in 33 countries all around the world. However, it is the Czech Republic based VPN service which was launched in 2014. Avast VPN supports all the major devices and operating systems such as Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc.

The pros of opting Avast VPN is that you don’t need to worry about bandwidth limits. Also, they have the support of up to five simultaneous devices but with a different pricing plan. Yes! While performing the Avast VPN review, I found that the pricing plans of this VPN differ from most of the services.

They have different plans of simultaneous connection for five devices, Mac or PC, and for the plan that is for Android, iPhone or iPad. With all the plans you are given the 30-days money back guarantee with the limitations such as less than 30 GB data usage and below 100 connections. However, before paying for any of the Avast VPN plans, you can check the performance through 7-days free trial without any restriction.

Yet, the purposes on which most of the VPN users buy the service are Torrenting and unblocking. For torrenters Avast VPN is good news; however, the ones who are looking to unblock Netflix would be disappointed that Avast Secureline VPN is ineffective here.

Avast VPN Security Review

As mentioned before, the Avast VPN is Czech Republic based VPN provider which basically implies it secure from Five Eyes surveillance as it is not a part of agreement directly but it does cooperate with Five Eyes countries. This is not really an alarming situation but some people concern over it.

The study from a website also shows that the Avast VPN malware test has shown the adware found while installing the VPN client files. These automatically downloading malicious adware could collect the data.

Not only the website but the users of Avast VPN have such complains, a reference to which is this Reddit post.

I have Avast SecureLine and when I’m not using the program it has a background process. Should I be worried? from r/VPN

However, if we talk about the general security and privacy features of Avast Secureline VPN then they are similar to some good VPNs. It provides AES-256 encryption to the user’s data along with the advanced features of DNS leak protection and Kill-Switch.

Avast VPN Review; From Redditor’s Perspective

If you are the one who quests for genuine comments from product users before selecting it then Reddit is the most authentic source. Many people find it baffling to search all the categories and confusing comments. Therefore, I have read all the questions and posts from users regarding Avast Secureline VPN performance.

The general view I get from these recommendations is more towards negative. Most of the people think that Avast Secureline VPN has not addressed the same quality as they previously have for their antivirus service.


Almost every person has recommended using other VPNs which are cheaper as well as has gained more user attention.

Also, some people have concerns regarding it that the VPN is involved in data selling or might have malicious files in background.


There was a discussion about Avast VPN which shows that the VPN also create some issues while unblocking or streaming channels. For instance, a user has provided the reference of Twitch.tv.

Avast Secureline VPN from r/VPN


A short answer at the end of the Avast VPN review is, you shouldn’t select Avast VPN. This point of view is not presented because it has numerous flaws but because there are some alternatives which are cost-effective, secure, faster and even they could unblock Netflix.

Avast Secureline VPN is not a bad choice but it is even not an intelligent choice too. With some searching, you can get a better VPN.