Mest sikker Android-browser 2019

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Last Updated 14 July 2019

It’s been a long time, I been planning to write about this! but could not find the reasons, I mean come on, people even don’t care what they are installing right? they just want to install app or game as quickly as you can. without paying attention, why they need that much access to my phone.

Google and Facebook already know all about you…

So if you are here to find some good option to hide stuff from ISP or prying eyes. then keep reading…

Quick Solution: Secure browser other than Firefox, Chrome or Opera comes with a really frustrating environment which causes; really slow browsing, issues with streamings. So! Instead of installing about secured browser into your Android, you can install som trusted VPN App which allows you to:

  • Unblocked website access
  • Encrypted tunnel to hide data browsing
  • Access to American Netflix
  • Allow downloading torrents anonymously

Why You Need a secure browser for android?

Browsing the web on your smartphone but without a browser? Try out the competent and specially designed most secure Android browsers.

In today’s era, the smartphone efficiency of a website or web application contributes a prominent and most important part in a web app’s or site’s rank. For instance, the fast loading browsers gain more popularity as compared to a slow-performing one.

Finding the right browser for Android could be a difficult task as the efficiency level of Best web browsers may decrease on a smartphone. This might be because, the web browsers are mostly equipped with the popup ads, third-party plug-ins and images which could be displayed along the content on PCs but on Android, such stuff could be extremely annoying. But more concerning is the risk to privacy with such stuff.

Therefore, here is the list of most secure Android browser which are reliable performance.

1- Brave Browser – With Chrome Feel

android browser | Brave browser

Chrome has gained such immense popularity because of its interface as query solving efficiency. However, there are fewer features when you want a secure platform for internet surfing.

Brave Browser is the most secure Android browser for people who are looking for such features with the same performance level. It is a Chrome-based browser with customizable options for blocking ads and tracking, enabling HTTPS Everywhere, Blocking third-party cookies, blocking scripts and enabling fingerprint protection with a just single click.

Brave also provides a perk of battery saving and speed improvement which is majorly a benefit for smartphone users.

2- Ghostery Privacy Browser

Ghostery Privacy Download Android

As implied by the name, Ghostery browser is constructed with sole security purpose. While setting up the browser and opening it for the first time, you are provided with an option to block the trackers by default. Through this consent, every tracker will be blocked on websites you visit on this browser.

On completion of browser set-up, you have to disable pop-up blocking and auto-complete which are enabled by default.

For Android users, Ghostery has an option of requesting desktop site of any webpage. You can enable automatic request by enabling it from app’s setting.

Like many browsers, it also has a private mode named, ‘Ghost Mode”.  Moreover, you can block cookie, clear history and cache upon exiting the browser.

3- Orfox Secure Browsing

Orfox secure Browsing download

Orfox browser is built from the same source code as Tor browser and Firefox.

The browser has the feature of HTTPS Everywhere. This enforces the secure HTTPS protocol of any website if there is any. Orfox’s private mode disables every tracker automatically; however, it allows you to clear all data on exit.

While using it, you can request desktop sites, do not track, user login, and guest blogging. Also, there are add-ons for it and a proxy ‘Orbot’ that could be installed.

What makes it one of the most secure Android browsers is the password protecting feature through which you can lock the browser.

4- Google Chrome

google chrome android secured browser

Google Chrome is the most popular browser for PC users as well as it is one of the most secure Android browser too.

The fast search address bar, incognito mode, relevant results and recommended search queries are the features which make it compatible Android browser.

Unlike many browsers, the Chrome efficacy remains same in Android smartphones. The Chrome browser saves your favorite sites on the home page so that you can access it at one-click.

With Chrome, you can also save any web page for future offline reading which makes it more favorable for smartphone users.

Security dwellers might negate the use of Google’s sync feature. This is because, it saves your bookmarks, tabs, history across devices, usernames and passwords when you sign in from Google account. However, this is an extreme ease at times when there are long forms and you are not willing to fill them again.

5- Firefox Focus

Mest sikker Android-browser 2019

Firefox Focus is another project from the non-profit Firefox Federation. For regular browsing Mozilla Firefox is appropriate but if you are looking for the security-focused browser then Firefox Focus is one of the most secure android browsers.

This browser provides the utmost privacy to the users by hiding their internet presence. Also, the stripped-down, the streamlined interface helps in hiding display ads, show the number of ads blocked on the present webpage and regularly reminds you to delete the browsing history.

Usually, Android phones have restricted space or really smaller as compared to the PC. Therefore, the Firefox Focus browser has introduced less space-consuming factor with only 4MB of downloading.

6- Mozilla Firefox

Mest sikker Android-browser 2019

Firefox is not as good as the Chrome browser but it is still really competitive to take place in the most secure Android browser list. Besides, it provides many options for security tweaks, unlike Google Chrome.

When it comes to user control, Firefox is the one that gives the most customization options to their users among all the popular browsers.

Add-ons are also the most advantageous option for mobile users and Firefox provides many unique featured extensions. For instance, Adblock to restrict intrusive ads, Speechify for the text-to-speech engine, LastPass for Password managing, and many others.

The syncing features of Firefox are almost the same as Chrome. However, the night mode feature customizes web pages to minimize eye strain which most commonly occurs when you are using your phone.

7- CM Browser

Mest sikker Android-browser 2019

This browser also lets you enable password lock. CM browser also has the option to enable “clearing the history on app exit and disabling cookies” from the app’s setting.

A distinguishing feature of this browser is the built-in protection system which scans all the APKs you download from the web. Moreover, there are features like built-in ad-blocker, incognito mode, night mode, voice search, page translator and desktop mode too.

8- Opera Browser

Mest sikker Android-browser 2019

Opera is a quite popular name among the best browsers which has an adequate performance on smartphones including Android.

Regular updates with advanced and new features make Opera an impressive performer among the best Android browsers.

There is a built-in ad-blocker, search bar with QR code scanning, smart news feed feature on the homepage and other features. However, Opera VPN has spiked a huge increase in the browser’s demand.

You can also sync data through creating Opera account.

Besides the regular browser, there is Opera mini which is the less space-consuming option for the ones who have an app-crowded mobile phone. It has almost the same features along with the Facebook notification bar.

9- Dolphin Browser

Mest sikker Android-browser 2019

The dolphin browser is named according to its capability of searching queries with voice commands. This is surely a feature that you can avail through AI assistants but the built-in feature is always an advantage.

Gesture control is also a distinctive feature which makes Dolphin a competitive option for the best Android browser. This feature lets you bookmark web pages with finger gestures; however, Webzine is Dolphin’s answer to Flipboard which encompasses more than 300 web sources in various categories in an offline magazine-style digest.

Like Firefox and other browsers, Dolphin users also have an option to download extensions and add-ons to enhance browser efficiency.

You can also enable the private browsing, tabbed browsing, password syncing and ad-blocking while using Dolphin browser.

10- Puffin Browser

Mest sikker Android-browser 2019

Puffin browser might not be as efficient as other browsers for Android but it has some selling features that make it popular.

The most prominent feature of Puffin is that it has default support for Adobe Flash content which eliminates all the hassles and lets you download and stream web pages, Flash games, and videos to your device remotely.

There are features such as mouse cursor emulation, a virtual gamepad, and a theme chooser too.

Above discussed feature of Adobe download makes Puffin’s browsing super-fast; however, Puffin’s data storage on cloud helps in enhancing speed as well as protect data from hackers and unsecured public Wi-Fi.

11- Ecosia Browser

Mest sikker Android-browser 2019

Ecosia is a browser with a really different approach of promoting environment-friendly culture. For instance, a search made through Ecosia’s own search engine contributes towards a pot that goes in planting new trees. Also, its 80% profit is used in planting new trees with a hope to plant a billion trees by 2020.

On the other hand, Ecosia provides decent browsing options making it one of the best Android browser. It is chromium-based and users experience much similar browsing as it’s with Chrome.

The common browser stuff like bookmarks, multiple tabs, private browsing mode, and downloads are a part of Ecosia browser too.

12- UC Mini

Mest sikker Android-browser 2019

Android users might be familiar with the UC browser as it is really popular among them. However, the UC mini comes along another advantage of being extremely lightweight.

It is equipped with features such as night mode, incognito mode, gesture control, and some others. It is free with no in-app purchases and is technically an Android Go app.

Enjoy Your Android Web Surfing!

Surfing Web with Android is really feasible, make sure you choose a right browser that doesn’t ruin your privacy.

Best browser for Android should definitely encompass fast speed and similar efficiency as you experience while searching the web on PC.

The above-mentioned options may not be perfect but they are still the most compatible and popular choices among the internet users who mostly surf the web with their phones.