Omgå ISP-throttling hurtigt og permanent

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Last Updated 15 Nov 2019

The obsession of downloading torrents, streaming Netflix or online streaming other channels force ISP’s to limit the bandwidth. Which is also called “bandwidth throttling” or “Internet Throttling.”

ISP’s knows everything about you:
• Your Destination
• User’s Address
• IP Address
• User’s Logs of sites visits
• Data Packets Types
• Communication types
• Speed timeline daily

And now thanks to Ajit Pai Chairman of FCC revert the Net Neutrality bill, now they can sell your logs and information to advertising agency to track you well �� through ads of course!

Why they Throttling?
Many other reasons could also be behind the throttling. But significant is; once they figure out that user; streaming high-quality videos, or download tons of Torrents will mostly the cause of that.

Will VPN work with that?
As people discussions on Reddit specifically about the issues and also communicating the solution with each other.

I have tested with NordVPN and found pretty decent results. That makes sense as well, if you’re ISP seeing the encrypted traffic, how will they figure out what was that.

So that’s how VPN help you to get rid of the ISP filtering.

Let’s go deep into this topic.

ISP Throttling Ratio – US, UK, and Other Countries

It is not necessary that a speed issue is always bandwidth throttling.

However, there is a broader chance that your ISP is throttling your internet speed and in this case, you need to know the ways to bypass ISP throttling.

According to the M-Lab assessments, which were performed between December 2012 and December 2013 on at least 100 connections, the throttling rates in different countries were;

Throttling in the US (14%), UK (28%), Poland (35%), Singapore (53%), South Korea (74%), and Malaysia (61%).

Now when the FCC new rule set is in order, 2019 will most presumably bring extreme ISP throttling to your browsing experience without legal barriers.

What is “Bandwidth Throttling”

Bandwidth throttling is a term used for degraded internet speed when your internet provider alters it through various means.

Internet performance is based on bandwidth usage and when an individual tries stuff like torrenting and downloading streaming content, your ISP slows down the internet speed. This takes you to experience an outdated kind of internet with limited speed and content downloading an extended time.

The internet providers are often free to decrease bandwidth limits in certain regions and sometimes they also target an individual user for various causes.

However, rules such as the new FCC broadband regulations have increased the strengths of internet providers. It is the concern of most people that their ISPs can access and monitor their internet activities and also could share their personal data with any third party.

Therefore, your browsing history is exposed once your ISP takes control of it. Fortunately, hiding your browsing history from ISP could prove to be an effective solution to evade the chances of ISP throttling.

You must be asking yourself, am I being throttled too?

To encounter such concerns, a VPN service would be the best and simplest solution to secure your privacy.

When using a VPN service, your ISP could not be able to figure out things like the content you are browsing, when you browse such websites, and how much time you spend there. Therefore, they could not limit your bandwidth by judging the heavy stuff you are streaming.

What is Comcast Throttling?

The popular internet provider Comcast has deleted their net-neutrality pledge as soon as the FCC had announced repeal.

Despite this clear instinct towards Comcast’s intentions, a huge list of complaints further authenticate the accusation of speed throttling from their end.

Comcast pledge stated that the websites or other online apps will not be charged in return for priority benefits. The Comcast pledge was started back in 2014, where they mention that “Comcast doesn’t prioritize Internet traffic or create paid fast lanes.

“However, after three years, on 26 April 2017, it has been deleted.

Yet, the company’s spokesperson is continuously insisting that Comcast has “no plans” to establish a paid prioritization practice.

Whereas, promising something on a written agreement and saying that there are no current plans, are two different situations.

Moreover, the democratic era’s net neutrality rules allowed ISPs to implement zero-rating but with some exceptions.

But now after net-neutrality repeal, all manners of zero-rating are legal and therefore Comcast would also be able to charge online providers for data cap exemptions without any legal restrictions.

This is what has been seen in recent discussions on social sites such as Reddit. The Comcast users have complained about slow speeds while torrenting and while performing other online matters.

ISP Throttling While Torrenting

Torrenting is a process that needs a fast speed as most torrent files consist of huge data and they could only be downloaded with rapid speed.

On the other hand, it is important to know that facing slow speed regularly while torrenting could be a result of ISP throttling.

There are certain reasons on which an ISP could throttle your speed while torrenting.

  • The load on your local network servers increases when you download torrent files or perform P2P file-sharing.
  • There are certain regions where there is a restriction on torrenting and that’s why you may face bandwidth limitations or speed restrictions.

Your ISP throttles Torrenting traffic on some legal reasons but they may intend to perish the load from their network servers. Fortunately, there is a way out to evade ISP throttling while torrenting.

The problem occurs when your ISP figures out your identity through tracking your IP address, therefore, the best way is to encrypt your data and obscure IP address while torrenting.

A VPN for this purpose is the best option you could have. An effective VPN could save you from identity expose as well as it protects you against the cyber threats while torrenting.

Another perk of using VPN while torrenting is that it provides you adequate speed for downloading heavy files.

There are some tested best VPNs for torrenting which have satisfactory performance while torrenting, yet, ExpressVPN has an edge due to its lightning fast speed.

How VPN Bypass ISP Throttling

VPN helps to encrypt your data making it inaccessible for ISPs. However, VPN using secure tunneling protocols such as UDP, L2TP, TCP and encryption algorithm makes your data to appear insensible to a prying ISP.

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When you are using a VPN service to avoid ISPs bandwidth limit, it takes your internet traffic to its server where its real IP address is masked by another. Also, your real location remains hidden from ISP as well as all the entities on the internet.

VPN changing your IP is making your identity and location anonymous to ISPs.

Bypass ISP Throttling From Your Devices

Extensively experienced and increased internet speed issues have grown the annoyance among internet users and grown desperation to bypass ISP throttling.

Looking at such queries we have filtered out various ways to prevent ISP throttling.

However, all of them are specialized for a single device and are also not absolutely genuine to provide complete relive from speed throttling.

But, a VPN has some robust advantages over the other practices;

  • With a VPN you could easily resolve speed throttling issues on every device instead of implementing individual solutions for every device.
  • Unlike the complicated guide, a VPN is easy to setup, easy-to-use and is compatible with every device that also offers you simultaneous connections to more than one system.
  • It provides you with a wide range of streaming content including popular channels such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO and other which are restricted in many regions.
  • On other solutions, you could again become a victim of ISP bandwidth throttling, however, VPN is a permanent solution you could have.

There are some best VPN services through which you could experience uninterrupted internet browsing. VPNs prevent ISPs from throttling your speed and interfering your internet browsing matters.

However, you should take care while opting for a paid VPN subscription and choose a VPN provider which has its own DNS servers. You can follow our Guide To Best VPN Services. Also, there are some trustworthy VPNs with adequate trial period so that you can test them before investing money.

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Am I Being Throttled? Detect It Through Internet Speed Test

ISP throttling is an issue addressed by most users around the world.

But the question arises is that in what circumstances you would be aware of your internet speed being throttled by an ISP? Or to a question that is I being throttled?

For an ordinary internet user, bandwidth throttling could be a vague issue in terms of figuring it out. Mostly the internet speed issues are faced due to heavy downloads or while viewing heavy content.

We will tell you about some techniques and internet speed test to detect ISP throttling.

(1) – Regular Internet Speed Test

bypass isp throttling

For throttling your internet speed most internet providers put a bandwidth cap on a certain threshold and once you hit that, your connection speed drops.

Speed test is a technique through which you could check if your ISP is throttling your internet speed as most ISPs do so. For speed test, there are many tools such as or

Most users complain about that when the month is at the end, their browsing speed slows down. To have an easy comparison you must check your internet speed every week. Through this, you would easily detect when your internet speed is being throttled.

Also, the speed test would tell you about your maximum bandwidth once you avail it so that you could bypass throttling.

(2) – Internet Health Test Should Be Used

isp throttling - health network

Any kind of internet weakness or ISP throttling could be detected through internet health test tool. Through using infrastructure and codes from M-labs, it sends your traffic to a device working as measuring point outside your ISP network.

So, any sign of restriction between your ISP and measuring point could be detected. If it shows vast contrariety between the two, it is a sign of ISP throttling.

However, if you want conformity than you should inspect the results for about one week or more so as to take better measures to encounter ISP throttling.

(3) – Use Glasnost For Internet Speed Test

ISP Throttling - Traffic Monitoring

The performance of internet traffic of different types could be checked through Glasnost. You can choose among P2P apps (BitTorrent, eMule, Gnutella), Standard apps (Email, HTTP, SSH transfer, Usenet), and Video-on-demand (YouTube). Glasnost takes about eight minutes time to monitor these types of traffic by checking the bandwidth between your PC and respective servers.

ISPs to justify their functions claim bandwidth throttling as ‘reducing network congestion’ or ‘managing network traffic’. However, this is just a way to defend them. But, if you are worried about your internet privacy, you could prevent ISP throttling through VPN.

Bypass ISP Throttling Without VPN

Most of the internet users complain of experiencing a slow speed at the peak time which is when most people are using the internet.

This could make them face the perils of slow downloading speed, connection drops, and streaming delays.

You could be the one face such hassles, but instead of worries, you should try out the manual way of bypassing ISP speed throttling with these steps.

  • Click start menu in Microsoft Windows.
  • Then in the search bar, search for Run. And click on the presented option.
  • Now in the pop-up run window, type MSC.
  • You will see a window named ‘Local Group Policy Editor’. Here, click on Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates> Network> QoS Packet Scheduler> Limit reservable bandwidth.
  • After this, you will be presented with the Limit reservable bandwidth window. Now click ‘Bandwidth limit%, type 0 and then press OK.
  • Then go back to the start menu and press the option of Control Panel from the options list at the right side.
  • Now, click on Network and Internet> Network and Sharing Center> Change Adapter settings (at the left side)
  • Left-click on the Local Area Connection and select properties at the bottom.
  • Here, you need to check to mark the option ‘Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)’.
  • Now, press the General tab and change your DNS server settings as;

Preferred DNS server:

Alternate DNS server:

Click Ok and close all the opened windows. Finally, you could experience a relatively faster browsing speed by accessing your browser.

But, while heavy downloading and streaming, you may experience a similar speed if you are not connected to a VPN.

Bypass ISP Data Cap Using VPN?

The data cap is a bandwidth limitation implemented or assigned by ISP providers per month on your data package.

If you are feeling slow connectivity and connection while browsing or downloading online could be the reason for your bandwidth quota is over.

Some ISP give you relaxation when your data cap is over, they will not cut your connection off but they will reduce your connection speed to get attention, which also considered ISP Throttling.

In another hand, if we talk about VPN, it’s actually nothing to do with your bandwidth. VPN just moved your data encrypted with encrypted tunnels, will use the bandwidth.

By using VPN your ISP provider can see your traffic but they can’t see what that is, because of encryption.

How to Evade ISP Throttling on Android

Android is what get into our minds immediately when thinking about the most used smartphone all over the world. It is most feasible and efficient to use regardless of the type of user with the primary Smartphone operating system.

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However, the android users also face ISP throttling once they have exceeded their data limit. Due to such behavior of internet providers, the customers have to face interrupted downloading and slow internet speed. A VPN could help Android users to avoid such throttling issues by ISPs.

These are some steps which an android user could follow to enjoy fastest downloading movies, playing games and much other streaming stuff.

  1. Choose the best VPN service given above
  2. Make an account on the official website of the chosen VPN
  3. On your android phone, download the app
  4. To log in, the VPN, access it and add your credentials
  5. Choose an appropriate server after successful login.

Finally, when you are done with the successful subscription of the VPN, check the browsing speed on your Android which would definitely be faster than before.

How to Bypass Throttling on T-mobile

One of the greatest names in the telecom field, T-mobile provides its users with a great package plan and efficient features. But with these features, a drawback that T-mobile users face is when they exceed the data limit and have to face slow speed. To overcome this speed annoyance while watching movies, you have to follow these steps which are really helpful.

The steps to avoid T-mobile throttling are:

  1. Access menu on your Android phone or tablet
  2. Go to Settings>Wireless & Network
  3. Click on Mobile Networks
  4. Next, click on Access Point Names and select T-Mobile APN
  5. Scroll down till you see APN Type. Tap on APN type to edit it and just add “dun” at the end, as shown below.

After doing these steps just go back, restart your phone and reboot it. Now, you could enjoy fast speed downloading and browsing without being worried about the data limit.

How to Restrict iPhone Throttling

When talking about the iPhone, it is the most popular and attention-seeking Smartphone in the world. Its extraordinary features, amazing design, and robust hardware configuration differentiate it from others.

However, the iPhone also doesn’t provide any precautionary measure or feature to stop ISP throttling. Also, the users of iPhone complain slow speed while downloading and streaming probably due to internet providers throttling.

To encounter this problem and for enjoying the fast internet, iPhone users should use reputable VPN given above.

Here are some easy steps which an iPhone user could follow to avoid ISP throttling.

  1. Get one of the best VPN services For iPhone
  2. On VPN provider site, make an account
  3. on your device, download and install the selected VPN
  4. Launch the VPN once you have successfully installed it and select a VPN server from any overseas country.
  5. Finally, check your speed after these steps to ensure better service.

Now, after following all these steps you will hopefully be able to enjoy much better browsing and downloading speed.

How to Bypass ISP Throttling on Windows

Omgå ISP-throttling hurtigt og permanent

With smartphone users facing internet speed problems, many people using laptops and PCs have complained about delayed downloading and slow internet speed. The most prior step for users is to conduct an internet speed test after disabling all the background apps.

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However, the speed they were witnessing before would definitely be much slower once they successfully download and start using one of the reputable VPNs given above.

Some other tips could also be helpful in bypassing ISP throttling and increase your browsing speed.

  1. Users using chrome could easily decrease data usage by enabling data compression. Given steps could be followed in this regard;
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click on Bandwidth Management
  4. Next, click on Reduce Data usage and mark enable compression
  5. Throttling issue could easily be avoided on other browsers such as Opera and Safari through data saving modes which also lowers the data consumption.

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Avoid Peering Causing ISP Throttling

Sometimes peering seems beneficial as it helps to avoid crowdedness. Peering is the way through two connected ISPs exchange their network traffic. However, this process of peering sometimes results in clashes between internet providers over traffic ratio.

This may cause slow speed while you are streaming heavy services such as Netflix or HBO. This happens when one provider gives more bandwidth limit and the other offer decreased bandwidth.

Whereas, to avoid this problem a VPN will efficiently help you and could kill ISP throttling caused due to peering. A VPN passes your Data through a VPN server and not to any other internet provider. Through this process your traffic remains unidentified and also the decreased bandwidth limit could be overcome.

Using a VPN would definitely give you a much improved and fast browsing speed.

How to Avoid Torrents & Streaming Services ISP throttling

Popular services such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO NOW or Hulu and torrenting content used by the user is monitored by the ISPs. And once internet providers notice much use of these services they limit the user’s bandwidth resulting in slow speed.

However, services like a torrent and heavy online streaming require high speed and increased bandwidth for smooth running and downloading. Yet, the internet provider claims his throttling as an act to reduce congestion. But the actual cause is that when you reach a threshold limit set by your ISP they get a notification about the amount of data consumed.

But if you want an easy solution to avoid ISP throttling while steaming and using torrent, a VPN would be an excellent choice. Through a torrent VPN, your internet speed would be modified and your traffic passes through an uncongested pathway.

Why Bandwidth Throttling is Assumed As a Wrong Step

Net neutrality rules when given such importance in the world than ISP throttling would definitely be considered a bad practice. The net neutrality rules discourage internet providers who don’t give equal opportunities to everyone. According to these rules, there should be no difference in prices, the amount of data and access to every website. However, the new proposal of net neutrality rules is could totally revert these orders which is a bit concerning.

ISP throttling users speed is a clear denial of implemented net neutrality rules. That is what makes users think about bypassing ISP throttling as they are given more powers to control their browsing speeds. To encounter the problem many users are moving towards VPN technology.

Also, the tactic used by ISPs to degrade other streaming services is that they offer their own streaming content to the users. To avoid throttling their content, Netflix has paid money to many internet providers. So, if you are willing to avoid such annoyance of speed drops, a VPN is an appropriate option to have a smooth streaming experience.

Issues Users Have to Face As a Result of ISP Throttling

Due to ISP throttling, users face many issues which frustrate them and creates anxiety among them. We have monitored and analyzed those queries which users are mostly complaining about. And to encounter such annoying problems we have suggested the solutions which would help you to avoid ISP throttling.

Here are some most reported issues faced by internet users;

Facing bandwidth throttling while using public networks

The public network includes the internet connection available at coffee shops, educational institutes, markets, restaurants, airports, and other public places. In such places, bandwidth is limited to remove the load from servers.

To this, we would suggest you check if other people at the place are facing such a problem or not. If no then you have to clean your browser as the way mentioned above. But, if others are also facing such issue than most probably your connection is throttled.

To avoid such a problem, the most efficient way is to use a VPN which would enhance your speed and also save your data from being hacked by a public Wi-Fi.

Slow speed while Using Xbox Live & Online Gaming

While playing online games and using Xbox, the user is continuously consuming data and in such situation, ISP usually throttles the internet speed. Also, the issues of ping spikes and latency arise during online gaming.

Your internet activity and data should be encrypted so it could remain inaccessible for hackers and ISPs and to avoid such issues of ping spikes, lag issues, and DDOS attacks. In this regard, a VPN would be the best option to encrypt your all data. Also, you could enjoy online games, Xbox lives and much more.

But here we would suggest users select a VPN with vast server coverage so that you could enjoy the latency-free online gaming experience.


ISP throttling user’s network is an act which is denied by almost every internet user. Also, it is the thing which creates annoyance and frustration among the users. However, to bypass ISP throttling, a VPN would be helpful for users.

To have a better VPN service you should select a reputable and popular VPN which is efficient in customer support. The above listed best VPN services are the ones from which you could select to have an excellent internet browsing experience. These VPN services are the ones which maintain high customer privacy and security protocol.