Sådan får du gratis WiFi overalt

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If you are planning to travel, then pack your backpacks with some free Wi-Fi gleaning trick.

We always search for a free Wi-Fi when traveling and in most places, you get a huge list of available Wi-Fi networks.

Despite having connection options, most of the times you cannot connect to Wi-Fi because of password protection. That’s why it’s really a blessing to figure out the free Wi-Fi connection to eliminate boredom.

Before moving on to the methods of getting free WiFi anywhere, it is really necessary to mention that there is a high risk of hacker intrusion on free internet connections.

Therefore, you should have security tools if you are dealing with important emails, personal credentials, etc or you are just browsing everyday websites.

1-    Guess The Most Likely Places of Free Wi-Fi

This is the very basic but useful way of finding a free Wi-Fi connection.

It is most probable that there is a public Wi-Fi at places such as libraries, restaurants, and big business chains (Starbucks, McDonald’s, etc).

If you are new to a place then you can also navigate such places through the map on your device. You can also have a look to these Wi-Fi spots you might not know.

2-    Use Free Wi-Fi Locator Apps   

There are several apps that let you find out some free Wi-Fi connections near you.

The WiFi Map, for instance, contains a list of more than 100 million WiFi hotspots all around the world.

Also, they have login credentials of these connections but you need diligence while using such apps as a malicious entity could also enlist a hotspot to have an easy access to your personal details.

To make a credibility check, it is best to go through the reviews and comment section of the app before setting up a connection.

3-    Tether Your Phone

Tethering your phone’ 3G or 4G connection to your computer is always a good option. It wouldn’t give you a superfast speed or speed like a free Wi-Fi hotspot but will give you a connecting way to the internet.

There are some apps for tethering iPhone and Android but it needs some groundwork before. For instance, the iPhone users have to jailbreak first and the android users have to root their smartphone for Wi-Fi tethering.

This method could work anywhere, so try to homework for it before you head on to a journey.

4-    Change MAC Address to Trick Time Limits

Some of you must have experienced a free Wi-Fi connection which works well for some time and then suddenly goes off completely. This is because there is a time limit on that Wi-Fi connection.

In such case, MAC address spoofing could help you to continue browsing with the same network connection if there isn’t another free Wi-Fi option.

Either get another MAC address to renew the time limit or if you are high at skill then spoof an existing MAC address that has unlimited access to the paid service on that network.

5-    Try Browsing Of General Sites

This technique is not for the complete internet access.

Some of the password protected or paid services provide free access only to general websites. Therefore, if you are just looking for a good time pass, look for the websites the local hotspot is offering for free.

For instance, Delta Airlines offers free access to Amazon, People magazine, and wall street journal.

6-    Your Current ISP Might Have Free Hotspots

It could be new information for you but your current ISP may be offering free hotspots around the major cities.

You can check your provider’s website for the free hotspot locations near you. If they have such service then you can download their mobile app from the app store and find the hotspot.

Some of the mobile companies also offer hotspots. For instance, AT&T offers a hotspot service for free, whereas, T-Mobile company offers similar service after an additional amount of $9.99 per month.

7-    Signup For Loyalty Program

Some of the businesses offer free Wi-Fi if you join their loyalty program. This is probably to promote their service and therefore you can get promotional emails. But it is not a bad deal to sign-up for a free loyalty program and get free unlimited Wi-Fi.

Businesses like Kimpton and other hotels use such promotional techniques.


With all these techniques you will probably get free WiFi connection anywhere but remember that you are opening a lot of data to the world. It’s not a problem until there isn’t any hacker or data snooper with intents to steal your data but it’s very rare.

Fortunately, there are ways to stay safe on public Wi-Fi and you should be equipped with these measures before using free public Wi-Fi except if there is an urgent need.