Tor browser VPN | Har du virkelig brug for det?

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If you are looking for a general level of privacy online, then Tor browser is indeed the safest browser you can come across. It actively protects your data through a layer of concealment. Moreover, it also works to maintain anonymity by hopping the internet traffic from one node to another.

However, can we match its security with a VPN? After all, Tor surely doesn’t protect your data through encryption. And let’s face it, layers of concealment surely have their loopholes.

Now with privacy, such an important matter nowadays sue to various issues such as:

  1. Government surveillance
  2. ISP throttling and data retention
  3. Hackers and other cyber crimes

It is better to have privacy at a top-notch level. To achieve this, most people consider using Tor browser with a VPN. But again, the question arises, about how effective this method is? Also, if we don’t go for this option, the question still comes down to what Tor browser is without a VPN.

Therefore, this article gives you all the insight you need regarding tor browser and VPNs. We have discussed:

  1. Tor over VPN
  2. VPN over Tor
  3. Most compatible VPNs with Tor browser
  4. Tor browser without VPN

One absolute advantage of using Tor with a VPN apart from security is the speed! While using tor, you usually experience slow speeds. This is probably your ISP throttling your connection! However, with using Tor and VPN together, you will get the optimum speeds as VPN hide you from ISP throttling.

Apart from that, there are many advantages to using Tor with a VPN.

Interested? So read along!

Tor browser with VPN Connection?

There are two ways through which people prefer to use this combination:

  1. Tor browser over VPN
  2. VPN over tor-browser

I have given insight on both of thee combinations. Therefore through this, you would know what to expect with each combination.

Tor Browser over VPN

This combination implies using the Tor browser along with a VPN, that is you connect with the tor browser first and then you connect with a VPN. In this, you get all the advantages of using the Tor browser along with added benefits of a VPN. 

Such that through this no Tor node will know your real IP address. Also, through this, you will get access to the tor network safely without any restrictions. Apart from that, as Tor is known to have quite several loopholes, if you connect it with a VPN, those loopholes will be covered too.

This is primarily because tor hides you through a layer of concealment while VPN protects you through a tunnel of encryption. Both these things combined promise exceptional levels of privacy.

However, one drawback here is that your ISP can view that you are heading towards the Tor network. Therefore, there is a possibility that you get flagged for using it or your ISP throttle your connection.

VPN over Tor browser

In this combination, you connect with a VPN then with the tor browser. This method is much more secure as along with the privacy measure such as:

  • Combined protection through layers of concealment of Tor browser and encryption of a VPN.
  • Protection from the malicious Tor exit node with a VPN.
  • Allows access to restricted areas even if it is geo-restriction

However, this method is more towards guaranteeing your safety and anonymity over the internet. This is because once you connect with a VPN first and then with Tor your ISP is unable to see your real IP address. Therefore it won’t be able to track down that it is you who is using the Tor browser. 

This way you will be safe from any possible charges of using tor or your ISP throttling your internet.

what happened if you don’t have a VPN with TOR?

The Tor browser is designed to provide security and privacy to its users online. It has a seemingly effective method of providing protection. 

The browser consists of nodes through which it bounces the internet traffic. This way the IP address remains somewhat anonymous. However, there is no complete anonymity as the first node is aware of the IP address.

Moreover, at each node, the browser conceals the data through a layer of concealment. Here is how these three nodes work:

  1. The entry node is the very first node. As you connect to this node first, so it is aware of your IP address.
  2. The second node is the relay node. This node is responsible for concealing which entry node the user is using from the exit node. This node makes it challenging to track where the information is coming from
  3. The exit node that is the last node connects you to the site you want to visit. However, it is unaware of where the information is coming from. Your IP address is also unknown by the exit node.

All three nodes conceal your information through a layer of concealment. This layer starts at the entry node until the relay node changes it. After the relay node, once the traffic reaches the exit node, there is no sign of the layer of concealment, and the information travels further along exposed.

Best VPN For Tor Browser In 2019

Using Tor and VPN together is the ultimate combination through which you can enjoy complete security and total anonymity online. However, choosing the best VPN that would go well with Tor browser is indeed a point to ponder upon.

I have therefore tried and tested some of the most reputed VPN services. Here are the results of my tests and investigations:

#1 – NordVPN For Tor

This service offers remarkable incentives to its users. I tried and tested it in several ways and was highly satisfied. Here are the results of my research:

# Features Description
1 Tor compatibility Onion over VPN through which you don’t have to download Tor browser to use it specifically
2 Location of headquarters Very secure Panama
3 Logging Policy No logs strictly
4 Encryption Military-grade AES 256 bit encryption
5 Servers An enormous amount of 4500 P2P optimized servers.
6 Speed tests Very remarkable results at various times of the day
7 Payment methods Credit/ debit card and Bitcoin

#2 – ExpressVPN For Tor

This VPN service claims to be one of the fastest and most secure VPN service. I tried and used it and was happy with the super friendly user interference. Here is a summary of my findings:

# Features Description
1 Tor compatibility Has the Onion over VPN feature. This service s as the first to launch its own Onion website
2 Location of headquarters It is in British Virginia Islands that is super safe
3 Logging Policy Strict no-logs policy
4 Encryption Military-grade AES 256 bit encryption
5 Servers Upto 3000 servers in 94 countries are available
6 Speed tests The speed tests results unquestionably come in par with its reputation as “fast VPN.”
7 Payment methods Credit/ Debit card as well as Bitcoin

#3 – SurfShark VPN For Tor

If you are looking for a service that guarantees super-fast speeds with protection, then Surf Shark is the one for you. It claims to be fastest and is optimized that way too. It has some reasonably good security features also such as:

  1. the multi-hop feature that allows routing traffic through multiple countries
  2. camouflage mode through which even your ISP doesn’t know that you are using a VPN
  3. No Borders feature through which you can hide from government surveillance

There are also other incentives for this service. Here is what I have discovered about this VPN service after research:

# Features Description
1 Tor compatibility No special Tor features.
2 Location of headquarters It is located in t ever secure British Virginia Islands
3 Logging Policy Strict no-logs policy
4 Encryption It uses the faster and more secure AES 256 GCM encryption
5 Servers Up to 500+ servers
6 Speed tests It surely is as fast as it claims to be
7 Payment methods Credit/ Debit card along with the secure Bitcoin

Parting Words

If you are looking for the most secure way to use the internet, then surely using VPN with Tor browser is the ultimate answer to your worries. As security over the internet is crucial, it is better to equip yourself with one of the legitimate VPN services listed here.