4 Whatsapp-alternativer til at beskytte dit privatliv

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Privacy is a big deal for the users of the Internet and everything it provides us with. May it be messages sent to friends or pictures of the most stupidest things people come across every day. Send button is hit and the message is stored at the server and then delivered as it is to the receiver in plain text and picture messages which can be breached in-transit by hackers or snoopers, to overcome such issues WhatsApp introduced end-to-end encryption in its app. However WhatsApp isn’t the only option! There is a plethora of other WhatApp alternatives available on the Internet, but which is the right one?

The method of end-to-end encryption secures the messages in the time between the sending and receiving of the message. While the messages are stored on the computer, they are inaccessible to the server. This is the most secure way of sending messages but still, if people are uncomfortable with WhatsApp or want to try something other than it, there are other options out there too.


It has a self-destructive messaging system like Snapchat but unlike it, it allows the sender to set a timer ranging from a few seconds to more than five days. The timer running out will erase the message from the receiver’s end.

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It offers 4,096-bit RSA encryption which is an extremely secure protocol. It also deleted the metadata from the messages like the location, date, day, time and the device information. Moreover, the message shredder is a highly advanced feature which removes the possibility of recovery by any hacker.

The messages on Wickr can contain plain texts, pictures, video, audio, attached files and it also includes convenient integration with DropBox, Google drive etc. Users do not have to have a number or an email address to make an account on Wickr.

Download Wickr on: iOS | Android


It is a simple app which is used to send messages which include all sorts of the file.  A number is required to sign up and the texts are good to go. Signal allows it’s users to make crystal clear calls to people who live in towns or oceans free of cost with high security with no exceptions of anyone hearing anyone’s calls.

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The creators of Signal, Open Whisper Systems, has no access to messages or calls sent or received which makes it totally secure. The servers does not access your communication and never store any of the data so they unable to hand over texts or calls of their customers.

Download on: iOS | Android


This app doesn’t require phone numbers or email addresses to be linked to it. Like Whatsapp, Threema allows its users to send their locations by sending a geographical marker to the recipient and they can tap on it and open the location on a map. Messaging on Threema is quite fast. end-to-end encryption

Threema provides true end-to-end encryption just like Whatsapp. Threema uses Elliptical Curve Cryptography, which is 2048-bit RSA encryption. Another great feature that Threema provides is a colorful indicator of the person who sends the messages.

If you add a contact by entering their user name, that contact will have a red verification level. If it syncs with your contacts, they will get an orange verification. You’ll have to exchange keys with them by scanning the QR code on their device to get to the green verification level.

The downside of Threema is that it isn’t free but it only costs $2.99 without a subscription fee.

Download on: iOS | Android


Telegram sets a timer for your message to self-destruct, like Wickr, erasing it from the receiving device, but this is optional.  Telegram group is a nonprofit organization which is ad free and the app costs nothing. The telegram also provides with the ability to send messages from the desktop.

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The encryption is based on 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie–Hellman secures key exchange. The method of encryption was created specifically for this project and is open-source.

Telegram offers “secret chats,” which uses full end-to-end encryption, aren’t stored on the Telegram servers, and self-destruct after a set time.

Download on: iOS | Android


The organizations behind these apps are committed to privacy and allow the users to hold full control over who sees their messages. These applications are a great alternative for people who want to switch WhatsApp and try something new but also not to worry about information privacy.