Bedste NYAA-alternativer til at se Anime online

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The downfall of the popular anime torrent website NYAA came as a shock to the anime and hentai lovers all around the globe. After putting up a tough fight of 7 years against the Japanese copyright trolls, the legendary NYAA was taken down on May 1, 2017. Meanwhile, we discovered that the urge of NYAA alternatives had spiked notably thus to ease the hopelessness of anime lovers, today we will disclose the Best NYAA alternatives. These NYAA alternatives will serve you with quality anime shows for your entertainment.


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When Be Will NYAA Back?

NYAA was a mainstream BitTorrent hub for South East Asian entertainment. Many of the site users were targeted for copyright infringement in 2011. In early Sept. 2014, the site became a target of a significant DDoS attack. NYAA was shut down without any official statement to which the site’s moderators later confirmed, via IRC, that the anonymous owner of NYAA took the site down voluntarily.

So if you try to access now, you will receive the following message:


Since NYAA went down, anime lovers all around the world have been bombarding the forums with posts and social media about the revival of NYAA. The WHOIS records of NYAA domains, including,, and various other domains, state that they are deactivated. Thus, it is difficult to predict the exact duration of suspension of NYAA.


Best NYAA Alternatives

The enlisted best NYAA alternatives will serve you with anime of the highest type. Thus these alternatives will ascertain that you continue to get quality entertainment until NYAA revives back. The best NYAA alternatives include:

  1. AniRena best-NYAA-alternatives

AniRena Torrent is a website that houses Asian/Japanese content. It is renowned as a clone of the famous NYAA anime torrent. This NYAA alternative allows users to easily navigate the website by horizontally aligning media tabs on the homepage.

AniRena is currently a host of 14, 360 torrents and 6,354 uploaders and it tends to grow more. The users get informed of their current status through the website regarding the data that has been transferred to them. AniRena believes in transparency as well as remaining true to its users.



The popular NYAA alternative namely “ hosts unlimited anime torrents including Naruto, Youjo Senki – Saga of Tanya the Evil, Natsume Yuujinchou Roku, and much more. offers access to these torrents via single-touch. has been operating since 2012 and it is considered reliable and in demand among the anime and hentai lovers. The popular anime videos are also available on in high-definition (HD) quality so as not to disappoint the users.

  1. Horrible Subs best-NYAA-alternatives

As soon as NYAA got suspended, Horrible Subs was among the first websites to rise prominently. Since Horrible Subs is built around high-speed magnet links so it is considered as the top most choice for NYAA alternative by disappointed NYAA torrent users.

Horrible Subs is the most widely acceptable NYAA alternative as it has been a strong competitor of NYAA with a daily reader base of around 1 million and an Alexa rank of 2,797. It offers a categorized library of similar media as Moreover, Horrible Subs has an appealing interface. Being a user-friendly website, it allows its users to download the latest anime content without any hurdles.

  1. Anime Tosho best-NYAA-alternatives

Anime Tosho can be considered as an exact clone of NYAA anime torrent. It follows an identical design and navigation, as well as the media content, is similar to the NYAA website. This NYAA alternative is entirely free. It offers an automated service where it hosts Usenet and DDL services.

Uploading media content on Anime Tosho generally takes a few minutes as it is quickly uploaded. This site claims that few minutes are consumed by approximately 300MB of a file to get mirrored to at least one host. It ranks among the toughest competitors in the anime torrent website list.

  1. Pirate Bay best-NYAA-alternatives

The immediate website that pops up to your head for the largest torrent hubs is none other than Pirate Bay. This torrent website has been constantly thriving anime and torrent lovers for the past years. It is considered among the best alternatives for NYAA as it is a host of hundreds of thousands of torrents for games as well as popular series.

Although Pirate Bay suffered from various shutdowns in the past, the website due to its strong footholds in the torrent industry regained its existence along with its audience.

  1. Anime Sharing best-NYAA-alternatives

Anime Sharing is considered to be the most popular NYAA alternative among anime and hentai lovers. The user interface of Anime Sharing is similar to ExtraTorrent and it also has a good search engine which is capable of providing the best anime and hentai torrent download results.

This NYAA alternative has an Alexa of 3,445 and hosts millions of daily visitors. Furthermore, Anime Sharing also has a dedicated forum for anime and hentai lovers so they can discuss their view openly. Also, it has a calendar, a huge community, an FAQ section, and quick links as well. Anime Sharing serves as a great NYAA alternative but it still has to work more in order to become a direct substitute for NYAA torrent website.

  1. Shana Project best-NYAA-alternatives

Shana Project is a new anime torrent website but due to its outstanding features, it is considered as one of the best NYAA alternatives. This website allows its users to automate their anime downloads. With this feature, a user can allow BitTorrent client to automatically download the required media content.

Shana Project is a relatively new website thus it lacks a bit in the media content library. Although this NYAA alternative does not provide a menu tab for different genres, it allows its users to search their required content via a search box located on the homepage.

  1. best-NYAA-alternatives

TheHylia serves as a direct download website most often opted by anime and hentai lovers. It was initially designed as a central hub in order to accumulate your favorite series in one place so as to avoid the affiliate links as well as the enormous advertising storm. TheHylia is considered as the best NYAA alternative due to its simple interface and an account management feature as well.

TheHylia does not approve of the pricey subscriptions and any sort of advertising on the domain that is required to appealing download service for audience spread worldwide. There is also a limit which allows users to download a single file at a time.

  1. AcgnX Torrent best-NYAA-alternatives

AcgnX – Anime Comics Games Novel X-Project, is another contender for the best NYAA alternative. This torrent website is comprised of advanced features that no other anime websites on this list have. However, AcgnX Torrent currently needs to extend its growth thus it is in search of uploaders. This is because after the NYAA torrent went down a huge traffic of anime fans switched towards AcgnX Torrent.

This NYAA alternative informs its users when any new feature is added to the website or if there is any news concerning anime fans. AcgnX Torrent is currently booming with the new media content. This is the reason why it is considered among the top choices by anime lovers.

  1. Pantsu NYAA best-NYAA-alternatives

Pantsu NYAA is the innovative NYAA alternative being set up by users and admins of the NYAA torrent website. It is a host of all the torrents latest by April 5, 2017. This NYAA alternative was initially posted to 4Chan groups and was made viral later over Reddit.

Pantsu NYAA offers a search button as well. It is currently available with most of the NYAA media content. The complete functionality similar to NYAA website is promised to be launched soon.

  1. Anime bytes best-NYAA-alternatives

Anime Bytes is ranks among the best NYAA alternatives. It has a large library of media content but still, the site’s media content is no match for NYAA. In order to view content on Anime Bytes, a registration from this website is a necessary.

The Anime Bytes admins have stopped accepting new registrations currently but their registrations open up timely. This happens mainly when the registration is full.

  1. Tokyo Toshokan


Tokyo Toshokan is another NYAA alternative. It is a comprehensive anime torrent website and claims to be ‘A BitTorrent Library of Japanese Media’. It also provides the famous series which were previously available on NYAA. Tokyo Toshokan lets its users customize their media library. In order to do this, one has to get registered to the website.

This NYAA alternative allows anime and hentai lovers to search media content based on the file size thus allowing them to download the particular required content. However, the website and the torrents available on the index are quite slow. The site seems to be incomplete and is capable of downloading torrent hash files only. Thus, it might be a disappointment for those who desire a decent and user-friendly interface.

  1. ExtraTorrent best-NYAA-alternatives

ExtraTorrent is considered to be akin to PirateBay which provides its users with a wide range of animated series, shows as well as movies which are easily downloadable.

It is said to be the world’s most popular independent torrent search engine. This NYAA alternative delivers media content to its users, which is entirely free of cost. The main advantage of opting for ExtraTorrent is its advanced search engine system. Along with this, the easier navigation lets its users enjoy an amazing experience.

  1. RuTracker best-NYAA-alternatives

RuTracker is a Russian torrent indexing service which has been a victim of continuous and constant suspensions and trolling just like NYAA. This NYAA alternative is considered to be among the best NYAA alternatives. Its torrent index covers a wide range of media content including music, games, books, anime, movies, and much more.

Since this NYAA alternative is a Russian-based website so you will have to switch the website to English or any other language. This can be done via a translation add-on in your browser. It offers a forum, FAQ, dedicated search feature, categorized torrents, and archived menu. You can also participate in forum discussions after registering through an account on the website. However, you must remember that most of the content will be in Russian or Central European languages.


The popular anime torrent website NYAA was named after the cat’s meow in the Japanese language. This, however, might be known by only a few anime and hentai lovers spread worldwide. NYAA hosted millions of daily users and was heralded as one of the most famous sources for media content especially anime content.

In order to lessen the suffering of NYAA users, we have mentioned in this guide the best NYAA alternatives. These NYAA alternatives will engage you with the latest anime series and your desired media content. Thus, you won’t get a chance to miss NYAA again. However, if you are concerned with your online security and privacy then you may employ a VPN which will help you become anonymous over the Internet.

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