Bedste Tor-alternativ til anonym browsing i 2019

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Last Updated 10 SEP 2019

I am getting this a lot, people always looking for something that gives them real anonymity. after Google and social platform failed to develop privacy and security to their user, people get frustrated. but they don’t care!

Tor is the best option to use for anonymous browsing, and there are many other trustworthy alternatives to be used for the same purpose. but are they actually providing as much to secure your connection? let’s find out…

Do You Really Need Alternative of Tor Browser?

Lets put it this way, you need to identify your needs from the first place. people mostly use Tor for two major reasons;

  1. Anonymous and Private Browsing
  2. Access to The deep and The Dark Web

Now, if you are looking for “anonymous browsing”, Tor will be the best choice, but I preferred to use alternative options, where you don’t have to install another browser. Yes, you can achieve your anonymity without compromising your internet speed, which is pathetic in a browser like Tor, Or you can make your own regular browser (Chrome, Firefox, safari) more secure and private with little effort.

Achieve Your Anonymity with Regular Browser:

It’s really simple to get your private browsing, you just need a few extensions to prevent tracking back to you. and a trustworthy VPN provider.

Why Extensions?

  • UBlock Origin: this will help prevent tracking and blocks the ads’ scripts.
  • HTTPS Everywhere: This will only open secure sites pages.
  • Cookie Autodelete: It will remove the cookies which are no longer required.
  • Privacy Badger: This will prevent all the sites to don’t run their spam scripts from behind to grab the data of user’s.
  • No Script: This will give you the access to “run” or “not run” the script of the particular site you are visiting.

Tor browser by default provides you with these features, that makes Tor more secure. but another hand you have in danger because it’s not blocking any virus, hacking script to get download into your computer.

Use a trustworthy VPN:

This is the easiest thing to understand, whether you are using Tor or not. You need a VPN even with Tor to encrypt internet traffic as well. Tor does not provide any data encryption. Also, VPN helps to speed it up Tor browsing as well.

But if you have installed all the extensions, you just need a VPN connection to encrypt the data. that all…

Why People Switching Tor Browser Over Alternatives?

  • Slower connection: Tor connects to its own routing network which causes a delay in connection building.
  • Frustrating browsing: Even though Tor is using Firefox backend, it’s still frustrating user experience because of really poor browsing speed.
  • ISP Tracking: This is another headache, whenever you use Tor browser even for anonymity which is not illegal, ISP’s can easily determine if you are using Tor.
  • Security point of view: Tor use’s relay to transfer your request through different layers of nodes, which make it anonymous but your data is still traceable. because it’s not providing data encryption.

In this article you will find the best and most compatible option rather than Tor network or onion services, there are many reasons behind this search of “tor alternatives” majors are, frustrating browsing experience, slow connectivity with onion network, unusual browsing experience or might be slow browsing experiences.

All through; Tor one of the most secure browser to use, but if we talk about pro’s or expert opinion they don’t recommend it, some of the claim that agencies behind this program or whatever but they not sure about it.

However; in this article, we will lead or guide you to two different ways where you can rather secure or private your browsing and other software like Tor browsers, Choice is yours!

Before getting into that you should have to know about how this secure browser works and how they private your history or footprints.

Best Tor Browser Alternatives 2019

Until 2014, Tor was precisely an amazing anonymity browser which didn’t even track its very own users. Unfortunately, after NSA successfully hacked the Tor Project, it was left at the center of espionage. After that, Tor became a target of many judicial breaches which has left a big question mark to the efficiency of Tor browser.

Since Tor got undermined the urge to find an alternative to Tor browser has spiked remarkably because every other person wants to know which the best Tor alternative is. As we all know that finding an alternative functioning like Tor is quite difficult, but the enlisted Tor alternatives will make you hassle-free.

Here is a comprehensive list of safe and tested Tor browser alternatives for you, feel free to opt for any of them and make your browsing experience invaluable:

1- Virtual Private Network (VPN)

This the best way to secure your whole Internet instead of just browsing. VPN is the best alternative to Tor. Of course, it’s not a browser, but it’s a software to control your incoming and outgoing internet and encrypt all the data and make impossible to read to prying eyes.

Basically, VPN provides your connection to two major diversions

  • Change Identity: VPN connection replaced your current IP to another IP location where ever you want. this is how you can get unblocked access to any site.
  • Privacy & Encryption: VPN creates a private tunnel which is encrypted up to 256bit which is considered as military-grade encryption protocol.

2- FreeNet Secure Browser

FreeNet is among the best Tor alternatives and is combined with both OpenNet and Darknet technologies. The P2P security software is credible for unblocking censorship. This Tor alternative does not have a central server; therefore, it is difficult to hack their systems even those who are responsible for the system maintenance are not accessible to the user’s details.

FreeNet gathers the data in peers, and all the uploaded content is delivered to its nodes. Since all the data is encrypted before it gets stored therefore, it might seem like the best Tor alternative but is that so? The data do get stored in such a way that it is impregnable to attackers and trackers. The crucial point to be noted here is that the producers of FreeNet software are unable to differ in the kind of data stored by their users so that the data might be political or highly sensitive.

3- I2P Browser As a Tor Alternative

Just like Tor, I2P – Invisible Internet Project – also utilizes DarkNet technology. This Tor alternative encrypts data in a layer-like manner. I2P encrypts the network traffic by using public and private keys.

I2P is like an Internet within the Internet as it builds a network layer within TCP/IP and UDP sessions. This is how I2P becomes an ideal hoard for network traffic and personal data. We can also say that all these abilities make I2P a worthy Tor browser alternative.

4- Yandex Browser

Yandex ranks among the top Tor browser alternatives. Yandex Browser is a product of Yandex – the Russian tech giant. It has an outstanding ability to keep its user’s data safe from the prying eyes of trackers. This Tor alternative can also scan files and thus keep also save the data safe from different forms of malware.

Apart from all the safety, it provides to the user’s data, Yandex houses some plug-ins oriented for online privacy and security. For example, ad-blockers and flash-disabling extensions and plug-ins secure the user from unsecured websites. When you are using Yandex Browser, the inbuilt Kaspersky anti-virus scans downloadables for security purpose as well.

This Tor alternative is compatible with Windows 7 and its later versions. It also runs well on Linux and Mac OS X as well. Yandex Browser is free and can be easily downloaded from its website.

5 – IprediaOS Encrypted Browser

iPrediaOS is a Linux based OS, and it is one of the plausible Tor browser alternatives available. This Tor alternative has programmed encryption services which protect its users from trackers and attackers. This is done by encrypting the network traffic thus turning it into a safe and private Tor browser alternative.

6 – Globus Secure Browser

Globus is a paid Tor browser alternative which offers a 5-day free trial version as well. This tor browser alternative provides its user with premium anonymity and online security. It also uses a VPN network to redirect Internet traffic. This means that even if someone wants to track you down, he will end up finding the Globus servers instead.

This Tor alternative allows its users to choose the location from where they want to appear online. For example, you can set your location in England while you sit peacefully in Germany giving your trackers a false perception. The Tor network is utilized by Globus to unblock different sites and for malware protection as well. As a result, you can access sites of Tor without Tor but with Globus! This Tor alternative works well with all the major OSes.

7 – Whonix Anonymous browsing

Whonix being one of the Tor browser alternatives is the type of an OS that surfaces the mind of every security freak who also wants to enjoy anonymity on the Internet. The security program of Whonix is based on Tor and runs well on the Linux OS. This Tor alternative runs on isolation which means that anything a Netizen does won’t result in revealing the Netizen’s IP address on the Internet.

Even the DNS or malware turn useless if a Netizen has employed Whonix because they won’t be able to leak the location or personal information of that particular Netizen. Whonix software has two main parts. First, we have the Whonix-Gateway which as the name suggests is a gateway that runs only on Tor. Then the second part is the Whonix-WorkStation which runs on an isolated network. However, only connections made on Tor can pass through the isolated network.

Whonix is that Tor alternative which when used correctly can form an efficient replacement for Tor.

8 – Comodo Ice Dragon

The Comodo Ice Dragon browser is that Tor browser alternative is having privacy features as well. It is security software whose browser is based on FireFox. Comodo Ice Dragon has features that make it among the best secure Tor alternatives. It also offers a safe DNS service that helps in speeding up the browser activities of a Netizen. This Tor browser alternative is, fortunately, available for free.

9 – Disconnect Browser

Disconnect is among those Tor browser alternatives which is capable of disconnecting the users from the websites known to track down Netizens. It tracks down those sites or companies on the Internet that track Netizens and then it asks you if you would want to get them blocked. This Tor alternative also offers a vast range of browsing experience.

Disconnect allows iOS, Windows and Android users to search and hence browse securely. Nonetheless, this software is not the ideal and exclusive privacy and security tool or a flawless alternative to Tor. This Tor alternative is, however, an effective supplement and it costs $5 per month or for $50 you can get the one-year subscription.

10 – Subgraph OS as A Tor Alternative

Subgraph OS is one of the Tor browser alternatives which utilizes the Tor technology. Subgraph OS has dedicated software for privacy and user-friendliness. It has such an interface which is designed to minimize discomfort thus the Subgraph OS systems are quite difficult to track and crack as well.

This Tor alternative uses layers to look into the level of safety of the software installations for your computer. There also exist protection layers like firewall, hardened kernel and meta-proxy as well.

11 – Freepto

Freepto ranks among the favourite online privacy tool for most Netizens, and it is undoubtedly a credible Tor browser alternative as well. Online anonymity is a feature that Freepto has expertise in. This Tor alternative is portable software as it can run on any computer after you save it on a USB stick. As a result, you won’t have to install it again and again wherever you go.

This Tor alternative has software like Tor, and it runs on Linux OS. Freepto saves and encrypts all the data collected on the disk. This is the reason why the identity of Freepto users remains safe and secure from the prying eyes of hackers and trackers. Due to these features, Freepto is considered one of the best Tor browser alternatives.

12- Peerblock

Peerblock is a worthy solution to block particular individuals and programs from tracking you down. It is one of those Tor browser alternatives that prevent any Java communications from following or monitoring you. It also helps you in controlling the people you connect or interact with on the Internet.

Due to the exceptional features of Peerblock, different programs and individuals are unable to trace or even permeate into your system. However, the same consequences occur with you that you cannot even penetrate into any other user’s system. But still, you need to be cautious as Peerblock is incapable to stop ALL the trackers from tracking you. Thus you need some other software as well to supplement this Tor alternative. The best part is that Peerblock is free on the market.

13- LPS – Lightweight Portable Security

Lightweight Portable Security – LPS – is Linux based software. This Tor alternative is an OS that requires booting from an external memory infrastructure. LPS does not connect or communicate to external servers which are prone to tracking. This is the reason why LPS can be regarded as an excellent Tor alternative.

14- Tox

Among all the Tor alternatives, Tox is an option favored by those who are a fan of the secure messaging app. Tox is the destination for those who want their communication services encrypted. It provides services such as encrypted messages mail, IM, and many others. Tox also provides secure video conferencing services.

15- Epic

As the name suggests, this Tor alternative is undeniably epic. Epic is a privacy and security-oriented browser and has the ability to block ads and scripts that are always on the go to track down its users. The software of this Tor alternative is built on Chromium source code.

Epic can also disable the DNS cache and the online auto-fills thus preventing third-parties from becoming accessible to cookies. This software is a plausible Tor alternative as it is a combination of Tor, Chrome, and FireFox as well.

16- JonDo Live-CD

JonDo is another Tor browser alternative that you can use for a Linux-based OS. The renowned GNU OS is a foundation for this Tor alternative. JonDo Live comes along with some pre-installed programs such as Thunderbird, Pidgin, and Tor Browser, unlike other software.

17- Tails

Tails rank among the top Tor browser alternatives due to its singularity. Tails has a complicated system which is the reason why it is the safest yet the most unique of all Tor’s alternatives.

The first feature which adds up to Tails’ uniqueness is that it is a live OS bootable from any USB, DVD or hard disk.

The second feature is that it has a Linux-based OS that has several inbuilt programs. These programs boost up Tails’ efficiency with respect to security and anonymity. Tails OS also has an email client and an IM client which makes Internet surfing safer and swifter.

The third feature is regarding the Tails’ efficient working, that is, it utilizes the Tor network which provides other security features to Tails as well. Therefore, it won’t be needless to say that Tails is a much better Tor alternative.

With Tails, you can erase your digital trail as well. This is because, when you eject your hard disk or USB drive no evidence of your activity is left on the system. Thus, Tails ensure complete anonymity and you need not worry about your data even if you were using a public network or a friend’s computer. Everything vanishes from the system once you eject the disk containing the OS as the system that you were using was independent of the USB installed OS so it goes shifts back to its normal OS.

Furthermore, Tails only uses the RAM, therefore, after a reboot none of your information remains saved on the computer. Thus the OS becomes a hoard of all the data you need as a result it makes an ideal solution to handles the sensitive information and all the precious documents.

18- Psiphon

Bedste Tor-alternativ til anonym browsing i 2019

Psiphon is the free and open source tool that could efficiently work for the individuals who are finding a Tor alternative. Psiphon uses the techniques of VPN and SSH technologies so that it could provide access to open internet in the restrictive areas.

It obscures the IP address of a user and provides anti-censorship. It is a free source but it offers a pro version too, however, it has free apps for Android and iOS. A bit disappointing thing is that it has a limited bandwidth of 2 Mbps for the free version users. Yet, the maximum speed they provide is 5 Mbps including all the Psiphon premium plans.

This Tor alternative could provide you the security against snooping identities such as government agencies, ISPs, and other Third-parties.

Secure browser like Tor:

Secure browser like TOR always opens and build the connection with its own virtual servers, which make your routing traffic disappear from your internet service provider as well as other surveillance agencies.

The other best thing they do! They don’t store your cookies or other information which other browser leaks easily, here you can check what your browser leaking. They also protect your from malware injection and also prevent footprints to reveal. Let’s have a quick test, right now I’m using Mac Book Pro and located somewhere in united states so let’s have a look.


FBI succeeded in revealing about 30 million Tor through Operation Torpedo. One of the Tor developers, Matt Edman, was contracted by the FBI to bring it in thus after the operation, it is not wise to use Tor until and unless you want to employ Tor for simply increasing your privacy and security along with a VPN.

A Virtual Private Network – VPN – will double encrypt your Internet activity and Tor usage as well. It will provide you with a shared IP address so that your IP cannot be traced back. Hence, reassuring anonymity even if Tor gets compromised again.

Although the services offered by Tor are extraordinary and thus most of the Tor alternatives won’t possibly get there soon. But we also want you to explore the Tor alternatives as well in case you don’t want to use Tor browser after learning about the compromise in its efficiency.

Is TOR Illegal To Use?

It’s a long debate about whether it’s illegal or legal to use. In my finding, I have not found anything which is pointing that using TOR Browser is illegal!

Things which are impacting Tor itself is the problem. Tor opens all doors which can be opened to Hitman office, Drugs, Pornography and many more illegal markets which are banned or blocked by the regular browser. Still, that doesn’t make Tor Illegal.

Is TOR Browser Safe to Use?

Itself Tor is the safest browser, but it will not protect you from a malicious site. There are a lot of people complain about the slow browsing experience, but in my opinion, they suppose to slow down your internet connection because of encryption.

TOR provides the most anonymous connection without any tracking add-ons like, footprints, WebTRC and extra, which make you safer to think about it.

But as it’s not providing any addons to track you, it will not defend you from the malicious sites. It’s highly recommended to use some kind of antivirus software for that.


The compromise of Tor’s services came as a great shock to its trusted users. Many of the Tor’s users averted from using its services. and also are now looking for an alternative that best fits in Tor’s shoes. Therefore, we have cracked the whip and have gathered the finest 17 Tor browser alternatives for you.

The above-mentioned Tor browser alternatives are among the most exceptional alternatives. That will help you find the one that suits you best. Staying away from common browsers and using one of the best Tor browser alternatives can help you surf the Internet swiftly and safely.