11 bedste VPN’er med gratis prøveindstillinger

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Looking for best VPNs, which are offering a free trial as well? This is the best article for you guys. There are always we search or want a “Free Service” whatever the matter is. Let’s take it this way if somebody says that he will protect you 24/7 without asking any money… how does that sound to you? Suspicious?

In the case of best and leading VPN provider would say:

We are providing top gash security, and this is the price $$ and also give you 1-month checking warranty, if you satisfy pay up, otherwise, we will refund the amount, how that’s sound to you?

That’s the exact reason why we only recommend to choose best any anonymous service because it’s the matter of your most important things which is “Privacy.”

Let’s discuss more deep about FREE Trial VPNs:

There are 2 type of free trial VPN provider out there,

  • 1 – Free but limited feature trial

In this free trial, you will get limited features like (you cannot change the location, limited bandwidth like 1GB)

  • 2 – Full access free tail VPN

(you can access all the features, unlimited bandwidth)

In this Free trial, you have to 30 days refund policy, you have to pay the service, and they will give you 30 day or 15 days refund policy, its very on VPN provider policy.

It’s the highly recommended thing to do! They will quickly return the amount without asking any question like NordVPN, but few providers like PureVPN offer only 7-day refund policy only if you don’t exceed the mentioned bandwidth.

Best 11 VPNs With Free Trials Updated

No.ProviderDataFree TrialPaymentSite
1 NordVPN Unlimited 30-Day Yes website
2 ExpressVPN Unlimited 30-Day Yes website
3 PureVPN 1GB 7-Day Yes website
4 PIA VPN Unlimited 7-Day Yes website
5 VYPR VPN Unlimited 3-Days Yes website
6 IPVanish Unlimited 7-Day Yes website
7 SaferVPN Unlimited 30-Day Yes website
8 Hidemyass Unlimited 7-Day Yes website
9 Zenmate Unlimited 14-Day Yes website
10 Browsec Unlimited 7-Day Yes website
11 CyberGhost Unlimited 14-Day Yes website

Let’s Take a More Deep Look

Nowadays, VPNs are available in abundance which is bound to be good for everyone. Here we are providing you with the features of some best free trial VPNs which will surely help you in choosing your desired free VPN.

1 – NordVPN Free Trial

With a free trial with NordVPN is really simple as compared with others, they don’t ask any question and refund the amount within 30-days. just make sure that you haven’t purchasedthe app in IOS store, everything else is good.

The NordVPN is the only long-standing leader in the VPN industry which is not just known for their friendly interface but also for budget-friendly discounts for subscription of longer duration. NordVPN’s huge server network spreads in more than 60 countries which gives a consistent and steadfast connection.

Although having good status in the VPN industry, NordVPN has received mixed reviews from the users. Therefore, users who are looking to get into more advanced features should rely on outside help.

The free trial for NordVPN is either a 3-day trial or 30-day money back guarantee. After free trial, if you are satisfied with your experience so, the best available deal is of 2-year subscription which comes in less than $4 per month.


  • It is very affordable, especially for a long commitment.
  • With free trial service, it allows you to explore the entire facility.
  • It can connect up to 6 devices simultaneously.
  • It is best for Apple TV, NETFLIX, and Torrenting.
  • The data cap is unlimited.


  • The customer service is not up to the standard.

2- ExpressVPN Free Trial

ExpressVPN is one of the most popular and famous VPN because of its ability to pass certain geographical restrictions. Also, because of its excellent speed which is ideal for torrenting and high-quality streaming. These salient features and outstanding customer service made it exceptional among its users.

ExpressVPN gives a 30 days money back guarantee by which you will be able to access to all features and use unlimited data during the specific time. But if you decide to go through another route, you will have no problem in ending your subscription and can quickly get a refund. When the trial period ends so, ExpressVPN will cost you $12.95 per month or $8.32 month for a yearly subscription.


  • It offers super-fast speed and is great for streaming.
  • It provides secure bit encryption.
  • ExpressVPN offers unlimited downloading.
  • It offers 30-days money back guarantee.


  • It is a bit
  • The BVI jurisdiction is not ideal.

3- PureVPN: Free Trial Available (7 Days)

The PureVPN is a VPN product which is known and famous for many years. Now users can get a trial with a 7-day money back guarantee. The PureVPN does not only provide outstanding performance, salient features, and protocols, but also their 80,000 IP address spread in 141 regions gives the best available options to the users bypass geo-restrictions, even privacy while you’re traveling or is either located in the remote areas of the world.

PureVPN is a flexible product which is easy to install and simple interface is present for hassle-free users. It also provides deep configuration options. Moreover, its robust set of options can bring excellent experience to almost every user. With the access to every security protocols, compatibility with many other devices and the primary operating system, several customer support channels like; live chat forums, tickets, and emails.

The PureVPN is a bit expensive. Month-to-month will cost you $10.95, and 6-months plan will cost you $8.95 per month. However, it provides steep and sharp discounts on long-term projects. A current 2-year subscription will cost $2.95 per month.


  • It is a complete package of performance and usability.
  • It provides robust features and protocols.
  • PureVPN provides support for any device.


  • The monthly plan is a bit
  • It does not provide fast and easy options like others.

4- Private Internet Access 7-Day Free Trial:

The Private Internet Access offers new users a seven days free trial. All the users enclose by their seven days free-money back guarantees. Like many other VPN providers, PIA also uses their money back guarantee as a mean to help users to test their service, and if they aren’t satisfied so, they can cancel it within one week.

PIA provides a great experience to the users. The users can quickly test their VPN network of servers all around the world. There are not any restrictions on server, access, protocols, and client software during the free trial. Moreover, it also doesn’t limit the data usage. Users can use unlimited services as per their wish and can also test their full network of server locations.

Furthermore, the PIA during its free trial period offers discounts on their VPN services. Instead of using the coupon codes they run special promotions with discount prices on unlimited VPN access.

Currently, PIA is running a special discount offer. Users can enjoy unlimited VPN access for just $2.50 per month. They also give the high value of discount monthly, annually, and for two-year accounts.


  • Easy to set and install.
  • There is no logging of user activity or IP.
  • Can connect to five devices simultaneously.


  • It can’t connect to specific servers.
  • There is a lack of advanced features.

5-   IPVanish Unlimited Bandwidth VPN:

IPVanish is one of the VPN whose all servers are managed and owned by the company. It also uses only the self-developed software for their services. It is one of the most reliable VPN available in the market which provides a wide range of features that not only increases the speed but also allow a customer encryption level all some other elements of a VPN connection too.

In IPVanish all plans originate with a 7-day money back guarantee which needs to be used to check and test their services entirely because like other VPNs it doesn’t provide free trials to the users.

In IPVanish, the three-month pricing plan can be equal to $7.20 per month when you have to pay $21.59 rather than $35.97. However, the best idea is for an annual subscription. The plan cost only $5.20 per month. It also means that there is a 57% discount on regular price which all other users have to pay.


  • The prices are competitive.
  • There is zero log policy.
  • It provides fast server network.


  • There are no free trials.

6-  VyprVPN Free Trial

Limited Bandwidth – No Payment Required

VyprVPN is a free trial established competitor. It provides 1GB of data usage. The VyprVPN offer its access to more than 700 servers in more than 70 global locations, free data transfer, and maintenance for each of the primary devices. In this VPN you don’t need a credit card to get a trial to their services which only lasts for three days.

VyprVPN is a fast VPN. The most test shows little loss of speed along with few dormancy issues. It is a Swiss-based VPN whose worldwide network spreads in more than 50 countries. It means performance and speed remain fine no matter where you reside. Moreover, VyprVPN also boasts security features, enabling you to use various encryption protocols and even the branded Chameleon system which covers user’s data.

VyprVPN has a 24/7 live customer support chat system. Even though VyprVPN is a little bit expensive as compared to other VPNs but it provides a complete VPN product with immense ease-of-use.


  • It is very secure and provides brilliant encryption.
  • It is easy to install and easy to use.


  • The free trial of 1GB data doesn’t last for a long time.
  • The connectivity logs are kept for 30 days.

7-  – SaferVPN Free VPN Trial

The SaferVPN is an Israel-based VPN company. The company is not around this list as some other VPNs but has created an excellent reputation for flexibility and customer care support. It is very easy to set-up SaferVPN. It provides a superb responsive live chat feature and also has a brilliant performance in the supported states.

The SaferVPN’s network spreads over 30 countries. It also includes parts of the world where there is less VPN access. If you reside in Australia, South Africa, or New Zealand than SaferVPN will be a serious thought. SaferVPN offers 14-day free trial, and after that, the money back guarantee can surely help you in deciding if this is the best VPN or not.


  • It offers Chrome extensions.
  • The free trial service enables you to connect up to 5 devices at a time.
  • It provides 24 hours free trial.


  • The speed test result is not much attractive.
  • It is an Israel based company.

8-   HideMyAss Free Trial

It is one of the oldest and widely held VPN services. HideMyAss VPN usually targets a user who is worried about the interface, comfort of use, and active customer service. This VPN provides generous packages to the users along with a good performance with all required security features.

They offer free trials for 7-days and 30-days money back guarantee. They are one of the best free known VPNs which provides over 750 servers in over 280 locations along with indefinite data cap and support for the primary operating system.


  • It gives a good result in a speed
  • The data cap is unlimited.
  • It supports all types of devices but is best for Apple TV.


  • It offers very few configuration or special features.
  • This VPN service is bit expensive and keeps connectivity logs for at least a month or longer.

9-  ZenMate Free Trial VPN:

The Zenmate free VPN trial provides all its users the chance to use a 7-day free trial to check their services. The money back guarantees of 30 days rather than of 14 days means that you can avail another chance of testing the complete version of ZenMate VPN. In case the VPN service is not updated to a paid subscription then the program will merely switch to a free version without any restriction, however, with the severe limitation on the available servers and complete program setting.


  • There is no DNS leakage.
  • It provides good encryption.
  • There is a seven-day free trial.
  • It offers unlimited bandwidth.


  • It does not support Bitcoin.
  • The customer service is not much useful.

10-  Browsec Free and Unlimited VPN:

BrowsecVPN is free and unlimited. It allows users to surf the internet secretly. It does support third-party protocols like Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify. All these are ideal when geographical restrictions and privacy are your primary concern. The BrowsecVPN can combine with various online browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. Thus, it is an excellent alternative when linked to other paid versions.


  • It provides fast easy connections.
  • It effectively keeps the personal information safe and secure.
  • There is no need for a paid


  • It does not support all browsers.
  • It has limited server’s numbers.

11-   Betternet Free VPN:

Betternet VPN is free forever. The free VPN is a complete free multi-platform which allows users to connect to the internet anonymously. The VPN is used for various reasons like passing geographical restriction and avoid tracking. Like many VPN services which have an annual charge, Betternet Free VPN do not have a yearly cost.

It is an app which by a single click connects to a VPN and allows for access when needed. There is no need of registration and also there are no data caps. All of these features are provided by occasional advertisements and even a promoted premium version which is quite manageable and discreet.

If you are in search of something occasion, then use Betternet free VPN to enjoy a perfect experience.


  • There are no data limits.
  • It is free.
  • It does not limit data.


  • It is much slower than paid versions.

What you can do with Free Trial VPNs

With a free trial VPN, you will surely get to try something exciting and new without having to worry about money. There are many famous and well-known VPNs which offer free trials. The free trial VPNs let you get a feeling about how the service works. But, many of the premium VPN also provides a money back guarantee. If it gets leveraged accurately, you can enjoy unrestricted and unlimited access to the web without spending a single penny.

A free VPN trial is very beneficial and useful. The reason is simple; we all use VPN for several different purposes such as staying anonymous while online or maybe sidestepping a geographically restricted service like Amazon and Netflix videos.

With numerous VPNs on offer, it is quite clear and logical that you might get confused over your choice to select a VPN. The VPN free trials allow you to test service to make you sure of how it is going to work according to your expectations. In this guide, we will provide you the knowledge and information about the best free VPNs trials on offer.

Need for a ‘’VPN Free Trial’’?

A free VPN trial is a great way to see if the VPN you choose is either blacklisted while using a particular service.

Nowadays, free trials are very vital and essential. It is because the VPN services quickly get blocked by various media services. No one has ever thought the extent to which Netflix will go to prevent the VPN services. Under pressure from different copyright owners, except for similar services to accept a similar approach if they already have not. Thus, for all such reasons, there is a need for VPN free trial.

How to choose a ‘’Free VPN Trial’’?

The fundamental purpose of a free VPN trial is to have a clear idea about the services and features offered by a particular VPN. It is essential to test VPN properly during the given free trial period.

Following are some useful tips which are essential while testing a VPN are as follows:

  1. DNS and IP leak: The primary purpose of using VPN is data encryption and online privacy. It is recommended to test VPN connection with various tools like VPNInsights.com to check if VPN is properly hiding the real DNS and IP address leak.
  2. VPN Speed: There are some factors which can affect a VPN speed. Thus, run a speed test via services like the net.
  3. Customer Service: If you have any issues regarding any point so, submit a support ticket or use the live chat option available to check what level of help does the VPN provides to its users.
  4. VPN Features: There are several VPN features which need to be check and examined during the free trial period. These salient features can be of any kind, e. simple as allowing users to torrent to double the VPN encryption or network kill switch.