Bedste gratis VPN, der fungerer med amerikanske Netflix

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Are you looking for a free VPN which works with Netflix?

You are at the right place.

In January 2016, Netflix announced that from now onwards it will block VPNs which allow users, outside the USA, to watch the American Netflix. As a result, most of the paid VPN services do not work on Netflix.

However, Netflix didn’t reveal how it blocks VPNs. In general, they block all those IP addresses which associate with hosting providers that were commonly used by VPN providers.

It also means that, if you set up a VPN on a Digital Ocean and then try to access Netflix over that, still you will be able to avoid geographical restrictions on Netflix.

Don’t worry!

So, due to Netflix’s huge crackdown against VPN IPs, there are really few survivals at present, even though the famous VPN providers have stopped working with American Netflix.

Netflix keeps updating the blocked IP list whenever they found any. So, there is no question about FREE VPN survival in this way. Even though best VPN service providers keep updating the servers in ways which keep on US Netflix access. However, you can avail their Free Trail which is 7 to 30 days, and could check the service without investment.

Free trail VPNs are the only solution for this.

Here, we are providing you top four free VPNs that work with Netflix. All these VPNs work exceptionally well, and the users are happy with their services. Have a look.

VPNs that works with Netflix:

Following are the VPNs that still works well with Netflix:

  1. Express VPN
  2. Nord VPN
  3. ZenMate VPN
  4. Surf Shark VPN

Express VPN:

Express VPN is the fastest VPN that works with Netflix. For only this reason, it is quite famous and popular among streaming enthusiasts.

By using Express VPN, you can not only zoom past the VPN blocks but can also unblock exclusive US Netflix content. The Express VPN’s five out of six servers pass the VPN blocks and unblocking Netflix test.

Thus, by using Express VPN, you can watch exciting new shows and movies in abundance.

Its outstanding speed enables it to stream videos in HD. Moreover, its ability to unblock Netflix across a wide range of devices makes it users number of choice.

Currently, Express VN supports Netflix in Canada, UK, and the USA. However, in Japan and Tokyo, only two servers work with Netflix.

Generally, VPN services leave entirely on the users to try every server until they find something which works but this is not the case with Express VPN. The Express VPN live chat session helps the user whenever they come across any problem. A user can ask the agent present at the live chat session that which servers work best for Netflix. As a result, they do guide them in the right direction.

Express VPN offers another great feature, i.e. Media Streamer DNS. It unblocks Netflix on devices which don’t support VPNs such as Apple TV, game consoles, and smart TVs.

Isn’t it amazing?


NordVPN is among the most popular choices when it comes to Netflix streaming. It works well with Netflix and is among the first which fix Netflix’s latest purge of VPN services.

The Nord VPN provides an impressive service which combines high-end security along with super-fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth. It can easily overcome the VPN blocks and unblocks US Netflix too.

With Nord VPN you will be able to choose from more than 5,000 servers spread in 60+ countries. It is an incredible selection used for streaming Netflix.

Moreover, if you want to shift among different Netflix indexes so, Nord VPN’s unique Smart play technology will spontaneously connect you to the fastest server available in the country you need. The Nord VPN connects up to six servers simultaneously allowing you to keep your household amused and diverted.

ZenMate VPN:

The ZenMate VPN is a Berlin-based VPN. It works under the commercial umbrella of ZenGuard. It is the most user-friendly applications for many individuals who can’t speak English. The ZenMate app can be viewed in Turkish, German, Korean, and Spanish too.

The results of Zenmate test shows that all the platforms including Netflix acted in favor of it. ZenMate was favorable to all the connections, doesn’t detect any VPN traffic, and even didn’t serve any proxy errors. It is indeed great news for all users that they can use ZenMate not just for using Netflix but also for other purposes.

ZenMate provides a great experience when accessing Netflix. The ZenMate company becomes unaffected by Netflix’s attempts to put geographic restrictions. Also, preventing VPN providers from allowing people to bypass geo-restrictions without being caught and getting blocked. Therefore, experts suggest giving a try to ZenMate once too.

With ZenMate, the streaming works exceptionally well. It also supports HD video quality. It is a benchmark and standard performance from a free VPN service.

SurfShark VPN:

The SurfShark VPN is among those VPN services which is exceptionally real and determined in their performances which ensure user’s privacy in the digital sphere. Moreover, it also offers some other supreme features which are highly trustworthy towards delivering what they usually vow. At present, SurfShark is offering about 100 servers in 14 different regions around the world.

SurfShark gets tested for unblocking Netflix, and it passed through the test quite easily. The results of the test added a big star to their services moreover, if you have any query and contact their customer support, so they provide information regarding the VPN servers.

The SurfShark VPN has a 24/7 live chat support option. This feature allows anyone to deal with any problems or malfunctions at any time. In addition to this, it also supports torrenting. The speed it provides is quite reasonable and good, but shortly they should think to improve it.

How can you access American Netflix?

There is one major issue with streaming Netflix is it frequently blocks in different parts of the world. Many people in different regions of the world when access Netflix by a VPN or proxy service receives a message ‘’use unblocker or proxy’’.

It is the only secret of unblocking Netflix. Experts suggest either use an excellent VPN service and then connect to the right VPN server. Unblocking Netflix is a never-ending game of cat and mouse. Here, in this case, the Netflix blocks specific VPN servers while the VPN finds out some new solution to connect to Netflix. If you use a VPN as suggested above, then all you need to do is to verify and check which server will let you unblock Netflix.

Many people residing outside the USA wonders how to access American Netflix. The reason is that American Netflix has the biggest collection of content and everyone wants to access it. If we talk about other regions so, the UK Netflix offers you only one-third of the material which is available at American Netflix.

Either you are an exile who’s living in France, Germany, Japan, you can enjoy the American Netflix. To have access to American Netflix all you need to do is choose any of the above-recommended VPNs and then connect to a VPN server to enjoy full access.

After choosing a VPN, you can follow the steps mentioned below to watch and access the American Netflix:

  • Connect to the VPN Software:

After selecting the VPN, you need to find a suitable VPN software for your device directly on VPN’s website. For example, if you decide ExpressVPN, you will access to large selection of apps you can easily use to get access to Netflix. The Express VPN supports TV boxes, Amazon Fire TV Sticks, and Smart TVs.

  • Connect to a VPN server:

After finding the VPN software, run the software and gets connected to a server in the location where Netflix is present.

  • Enjoy Netflix Streaming:

In the end, log in your current Netflix account and enjoy streaming American Netflix.

Accessing Netflix with a VPN is a cat-mouse game with some VPN providers. But if you are using the correct VPN for Netflix opens a world of possibility for you no matter where you are residing.  The VPN suggested on this page are best for Netflix and should be chosen as an option.