Bedste gratis VPN til FireStick og Amazon Fire TV

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The Amazon Fire TV Stick and Fire TV are large plug-and-play devices which makes streaming simple and easy on HD TV.

The Kodi users are thankful towards this simplicity and flexibility to set up their own media hubs on steroids by using the Amazon platform.

However, since a lot of content gets blocked due to geographical restrictions and copyright trolls, various shows and sports streams need a VPN which can go smoothly with the Kodi. Another important thing is you also want to bypass throttling by your service provider.

The Amazon FireStick does not have direct access to Google Play. Therefore, you need to sideload your VPN APK application. It is not rocket science to use a VPN with your FireStick. It is essential that a VPN provider which provides a direct download of its APK file should be considered.

A free VPN is a network tool which enables you to hide and protect all your online presence without using a single penny on any subscription. With free VPN you can enjoy all the necessary services. However, you will still get banned from using certain essential features.

Not all VPNs work best with FireStick. If you are also looking for free VPN on FireStick so, don’t worry because we are providing you the reviews of best free VPNs on FireStick. These VPNs works flawlessly and produces the best possible results.

Best 7 Free VPN for FireStick Fire TV:

1 – ExpressVPN:

Fastest VPN for FireStick TV

The ExpressVPN is considered best for its best quality apps such as a brand new Android app which works well with Android-based streaming devices. It includes Amazon’s Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. In Amazon Fire TV Stick it is directed with remote control. When you fire it so, the app quickly suggests you the locations which provide you with the best connection speed.

ExpressVPN provides outstanding technical support which includes a lot of guidance. Moreover, you have a great option of 24/7 live chat and can also easily gets in touch through emails only if it’s convenient.

2 – IPVanish:

Recognized for its performance

IPVanish specifically performs on both fronts. It includes both short and long hops connections along with former being five times quicker than other rivals. As a result, the latter shows a significant average increase of 15% in the downloading speed. In IPVanish there is a vast choice available for servers along with notable global coverage.

It is a devoted Fire TV app which is easy to set up and simple to use. Moreover, it also has some available options such as automatic IP switching and fast server optimization. It does not support the first-generation FireStick. IPVanish is also known for not keeping any log or even connection data while using the service.

3 – NordVPN:

The safest and secured VPN

The NordVPN is known to give the best performance along with exceptional, impressive speeds with short connections and also some useful results on longer distances. Like IPVanish, in NordVPN there are also plenty of servers to choose. Here the provider also provides tutorials on how to set your router with a VPN or to share the VPN connection from your system so; you can use the service with the FireStick. In recent time, there is also a devoted Android TV app which you can download from the Amazon app store and can use it with your Fire TV.

The NordVPN also tops on the security front. It offers double data encryption and support for all key security protocols. Moreover, there is also no logging policy which attracts and impresses the users.

4 – CyberGhost:

Surf Anonymously

CyberGhost is another VPN designed for Kodi. The CyberGhost VPN is basically for Kodi users and provides you a great experience also with the free VPN for Kodi. It claims that your internet connection gets encrypted with 256-AES bit tool. By this, the hackers/attackers will take thousands of years to steal or hack your data.

In this free VPN, you will have different styles and methods where you can surf anonymously. You can easily stream to restricted TV shows and videos and can also torrent anonymously. In CyberGhost the entire interface is so intuitive that after connecting the speed of the internet remains unaffected.

5 – Windscribe VPN:

Strong Encryption Features

The Windscribe VPN is known for its free data cap feature. It is known to be one of the best free VPN to depend on to hide your network accordingly. This VPN has P2P file sharing feature which you can use easily without even subscribing. The Windscribe VPN is available on Amazon Firestick, and you can install it from there.

The Windscribe VPN is Canada based company which offers all the vital functions and passes a selection of exciting features to the users. But, regardless of constant updates of various elements from the VPN provider, not everything is okay and perfect about this VPN. Like for instance, there are limited VPN servers in specific countries like Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, Netherlands, UK, and the US.

6 – TunnelBear VPN:

Free Access to the Internet

If you are looking for a VPN for masking your internet activity from all public networks, then you should try TunnelBear VPN because it provides the best options. You can install it from the Amazon FireStick app. The free VPN offers some fantastic and exciting features like multi-login and compatibility on different platforms too.

The TunnelBear VPN bears various disadvantages. Like it provides limited servers for the free version. It caps your bandwidth at 500 Mbs. Although you can get an extra 1 GB just by tweeting about them, it also brings only 1.5 GB a month. In this way your stream becomes limited.

7 – HideMe VPN:

Impressive Security Configuration

Like other free VPN, HideMe VPN allows you to secure your online activity when you get connected to any device. The HideMe VPN provides excellent compatibility with Linux, Windows, Android, and iOS devices. With this VPN you can maximize your online freedom with regards to your desires.

In the free plan of HideMe VPN, there are only three server locations for users to select. Moreover, the bandwidth gets restricted while you connect to the free VPN.

How can we choose the best VPN for Amazon Fire TV stick?

Performance is an essential and vital element for streaming. For this reason, your first choice while choosing a VPN should be fast speed and reliable connections. If there is a full server, then it will be beneficial and helpful in finding instant and quick servers. The more options you have, the more good results VPN produces. Even you can also have a lightweight app which will not at all affect your performance levels.

It is not necessary that you will always find an out-an-out app for the Fire TV Stick, but it’s like a bonus when you are successful in seeing it. If you are confused about your choice, then don’t worry because we are providing you with guidelines which you must follow and look while choosing a VPN for Amazon Fire TV stick.

Connection Speed:

For excellent and ideal streaming good connection speeds are required. Because of encryption, VPN’s speed is often slowed down. However, the quality if the VPN reveals how much your rate gets reduced. A VPN of good quality like NordVPN and ExpressVPN provides strong encryption to the users without affecting their connection speed. While some VPNs because of their server’s location improves their speed steadily.

Encryption Strength:

VPNs are capable of not only hiding the IP address but also encrypting the internet traffic along with connection. However, increasing technological advancement has made it quite easy for hackers/attackers to penetrate the encryption layer and spy on your online activity. Nowadays, best VPNs uses OpenVPN AES 256-bit encryption, which provides additional protection from all kind of threats. So, you must try it too.

No Log Policy:

The primary purpose of VPN is to protect you from all snooping eyes. However, by doing so, they can see whatever you are doing on the internet by their servers efficiently. Thus, it is very crucial to use a VPN which do not keep your activity logs. Moreover, should be based outside allocation which does not have any data retention laws.

Security Features:

It is also essential to choose a VPN which offers good attractive features like strong encryption and fast speed. However, the best providers also provide additional security features such as a kill switch. A kill switch is very reliable as it disconnects your when your VPN connections drop. Kill breakers also protect your activities and identity from getting exposed. Hence, it is essential for all VPN users as it provides non-stop protection.

Customer Support Service:

It is something significant, but it gets neglected while choosing a VPN service. If you are selecting a VPN for the very first time, then you should go with something which has excellent customer service. However, the majority of good VPNs provides you with an excellent informative knowledge base, but you don’t know when you might get into trouble either with using a VPN on Firestick or even installing it.

A VPN with excellent customer service is always helpful and makes a lot of things easier. For all these reasons you must look for a VPN which offers active 24 x 7 support and in the form of various emails, live chat, ticket, and remote help and even telephone support.

Final Words:

If you want to enhance and improve your Amazon FireStick TV experience, then all you need is a VPN of good quality. Selecting a good VPN will allow you to access all the content from anywhere but will also guarantee that you will experience fast speed, along with unlimited bandwidth while you are streaming from Amazon FireStick.