Bedste VPN til Torrenting Reddit Choice i 2019

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Reddit is one of the largest social platforms for reviewing and question-solving. On the Website, there are unbiased views and authentic comments regarding the various products and latest topics. This opinion website is believed to be a credible source because of strict laws and legitimate torrenters sharing their views without any personal benefit.

As far as VPN queries are concerned, the quest is increasing more and more daily. Most of the individuals might be accessing Reddit via a VPN due to restrictions. However, due to the enormous Reddit content, viewers are unable to figure out the needed solution to their issue. Therefore, we have broken down the VPN topic according to the features and user needs and have conducted an in-depth analysis of every part.

Here we will elucidate the best VPN for Torrenting Reddit which is sequenced according to the users and experts opinion on Reddit. Torrenters are mostly seeking a VPN because of strict national laws and higher privacy risks while torrenting.

Best VPN For Torrenting On Reddit:

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5 Best VPN For Torrenting Choice Reddit:

Here are the VPNs that I have found discussed on Reddit pretty frequently and in good manners, there is many VPN provider on Reddit hired a marketing team to discuss their products and generate fake comments to make the user believe on that. I have been using and member on Reddit quite long now, I know who is eligible to talk or worthy to trust.

After long research, I have found these VPNs which are the best torrent VPN on Reddit.

NordVPN Ranked #1 On Reddit For Torrents

According to the Redditers, NordVPN is a quite popular choice for torrenting. The users of NordVPN appreciated the torrent friendly features of Nord such as the P2P optimized servers, Kill Switch and the DNS leak protection.

However, some people complain about it not providing any free service and a slow connection on some servers. Yet, many have suggested the server switch option for better speeds as NordVPN has a vast server network.

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ExpressVPN – 2nd Top Ranked

ExpressVPN has impressed a wide range of users for its fastest speed which is more beneficial when it comes to torrenting. The cause of listing it for best VPN for torrenting Reddit is the numerous opinions and recommendation in favor.

Although many ExpressVPN users have pointed out the higher prices, they have claimed it a worth investment. According to them, there are great downloading, uploading and connection speeds along with the advanced features of DNS leak protection, kill switch and IPv6 leak protection.

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CyberGhost Pro – Ranked #3

CyberGhost Pro is the paid version which has got most redditers vote and made into the best VPN for torrenting Reddit.

They have a free version too but with limited bandwidth and server location. However, the paid version is providing unlimited bandwidth, great speed and privacy against legal notices. Analyzing the reviews of torrenters unveiled that there are specified P2P servers for torrenting, but they work well. Also, we have extracted that the CyberGhost Windows and Android version works smoother than others.

One thing which is different than other VPN providers is that the CyberGhost VPN management was itself involved in the discussion and is answering user query regularly.

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PureVPN – Ranked On 4th Position

PureVPN is a cheap VPN among all these discussed best VPNs for torrenting Reddit and yet, it has managed to satisfy the users. The impressing features for redditers were not different than other torrent VPNs and here also the speed was discussed the most.

People were also appreciating the easy to use software and unlimited bandwidth. However, there were some redditers who were disturbed by the news of PureVPN sharing user logs with FBI. Yet, PureVPN has cleared that the logs are observed for 5 days and that is bandwidth usage and connection time, not the browsing history.

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Private Internet Access VPN – 5th Ranked

Many redditers are discussing and presenting the concerns of PIA VPN being based in the US and due to the location, it is possible to have legal threats. Despite the fact, users are sharing their views that the servers other than the US are working great.

Private Internet Access was the only VPN for torrenting Reddit that has no such concern and negative view. Most of the users were using it for years and they are happy with the speed, easy setup, kill switch feature as well as the price. One of the reviews suggests that the Netherland proxy works super fast which is easily usable for torrenting purpose too.

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Best VPN for Torrenting Reddit

Best Free VPNs for Torrenting Reddit

Free VPN searches are really popular, but the numerous names pop up in google search results as soon as you enter “free VPN for Torrenting.” This obviously creates confusion in our minds, and most of the people quest for a reliable first-hand user review. The search for “best free VPN for torrenting Reddit” makes the finding process more precise and reliable.

But unfortunately, when I dig deep into the Reddit categories for free VPN for torrenting, I couldn’t find any positive review or a comment which reflects good torrenting experience with a free VPN.

Torrenting is completely unsupported in many free VPNs, and also they do not claim to have torrenting feature. But, most free VPNs claim that they are efficient while P2P file sharing and torrenting but they are extremely annoying at the moment you start torrenting. The limited bandwidth and speed is the most negative point but, the absence of advanced features such as Kill Switch, IPv6 leak protection, and DNS leak protection, is also the lacking which makes free VPN for torrenting really risky.

Advance features you should look in VPN for Torrenting

There are certain features which could highly improvise the torrenting experience. I have figured out these features from the redditor’s comments for “best VPN for torrenting Reddit” query.

Kill Switch

Kill Switch is the feature which automatically disconnects the internet connection when the VPN connection suddenly drops. The VPN connection issues are very common while torrenting because of the high data processing.

This feature protects you from potential data loss which happens when unencrypted data packets pass through the internet when the VPN connection is down.

DNS Leak Protection

As implied by the name, this feature is specially introduced when there were many reports of real IP exposing risk via DNS leak. DNS leak occurs in the presence of VPN when some of the DNS requests go to the ISP DNS instead of anonymous VPN DNS server. There are many reasons for DNS leak.

IPv6 Leak Protection

IPv6 is a new protocol which is not supported by many websites and VPNs. Due to the resolving confusion, the IPv6 leak could expose your real identity. To eradicate such risk of identity exposure, many VPNs have included IPv6 leak protection feature.