ExpressVPN-anmeldelse: Er det værd at pengene?

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ExpressVPN is the VPN that boldly claims the lightning speed and actually has the speed efficiency. Yet, to make the promise absolutely real, they have to invest in the maintenance and to meet the investment they provide the service at a bit higher price.

To carry out the thorough ExpressVPN review, I subscribed the 6-months plan of ExpressVPN and the results were quite impressive. All other VPNs somehow lack in speed and couldn’t manage to provide fast or even normal speed. However, the ExpressVPN has outperformed all the VPNs in speed that we have tested so far. Also, it was able to unblock Netflix and all the tested streaming channels.

In the review, some of the comments from other ExpressVPN customers are also included.

Let’s Talk about Good & Bad Things


  • Amazingly fast speed
  • Kill Switch
  • Torrent friendly
  • Works with Netflix
  • 24/7 live chat support for all
  • 1500+ servers in 92 countries


  • Bit high rates
  • Not very detailed information about the company

ExpressVPN has the business location of British Virgin Island and has vast server network of more than 1500 servers in 94 countries.

There is a wide range of protocols and security features including split tunneling. They provide apps and support to all the operating systems and devices such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and Routers too.

However, the price of ExpressVPN starts from $12.95 per month and could drop to USD 8.32 with their yearly plan. There is a 30-day money back guarantee with some other privileges on certain conditions that are discussed below in this ExpressVPN review.

What You Gonna Pay For

ExpressVPN is not for users who are looking for cheap VPNs as they are one of the most pricy VPN providers. However, there are some flexibilities that could make your plan a bit more profitable as compared to the normal one. For instance, there is an option of “Refer a Friend” in ExpressVPN service and whenever a friend buys this service from your referral, you both get free service for one month.

With all the plans you get the same features and the 30-days money back guarantee. Also, the 24/7 customer support and unlimited bandwidth are with every plan.

ExpressVPN-anmeldelse: Er det værd at pengene?

  • One Month Plan – $12.95/M this is the basic plan offered by ExpressVPN and has no discount.
  • 6- Months Plan – $9.99/M this plan is for 6-months and you have to pay a total amount of USD 59.95 after every six months.
  • 12 Months Plan – $8.32/M this is the standard plan of ExpressVPN and gives you a 35% discount on the total amount of USD 99.95 after every year.

Basically, there is a three-step procedure for subscribing a plan of ExpressVPN. First, you have to select a plan, then enter an email address and select the payment method of your choice. They email you the confirmation email along with the details.

Pretty Long Range Of Payment Methods

There are various methods through which you can easily pay the subscription amount. The payment options include credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin, and others such as AliPay, UnionPay, WebMoney, etc.

ExpressVPN-anmeldelse: Er det værd at pengene?

You can pay through a method which is convenient for you; however, in this ExpressVPN review, I would suggest you pay through an anonymous channel such as Bitcoin. This is recommended because through these methods your details remain anonymous and the fact that you have bought the VPN service.

How About ExpressVPN Security

ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands and with regard to the location, there is no threat of strict internet rules or the surveillance of agencies like NSA or others. On the other hand, there is a wide range of security protocols including OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, and SSTP. The thing I like about ExpressVPN is that they select the most appropriate security protocol according to your need. However, the protocol they usually connect is, OpenVPN over UDP. But, you can change the protocol from manual settings if you want to.

256-bit AES algorithm is used to encrypt the traffic and also the highest authentication of SHA 512 is used by the ExpressVPN. These are the default encryption standards which are unalterable if you are using the VPN app.

Another perspective for VPN security is the privacy policy and the policy regarding activity log. ExpressVPN has the strict no logging policy and they don’t monitor any kind of user activity which is clearly stated in their privacy policy.

“We do not collect logs of your activity, including no logging of browsing history, traffic destination, data content, or DNS queries. We also never store connection logs, meaning no logs of your IP address, your outgoing VPN IP address, connection timestamp, or session duration.”

Some Prominent Features Of ExpressVPN

Along with the common VPN features and security protocols, there are some other features which were discovered during the ExpressVPN review.

Simultaneous Connections

Before, there was just the opportunity of connecting one device with a single account of ExpressVPN. However, now they have enhanced this feature and you could connect three devices simultaneously on one account.

Here, I would like to mention that you could intelligently increase the devices which are secured with the VPN encryption. Through connecting your wireless router with ExpressVPN account, all the devices using the internet from that router could be protected.

Kill Switch

Kill Switch is the feature through which the internet connection is automatically broken by the VPN in the case where there is a sudden drop in VPN connection.

I have rarely faced the connection drop in the 6-month time period. However, the kill switch feature was working well in the situation. This feature is introduced because the VPN connection drops could cause the internet data to go unencrypted and your identity could be exposed.

Split Tunneling

This feature is basically to further enhance the speed by separating the internet traffic into encrypted and unencrypted categories. This feature of ExpressVPN is available in the Mac, Windows, and router devices.

With the help of split tunneling, you can select apps which will be protected by the VPN and the apps which will bypass the VPN protection.

Through accessing the settings in Windows and Mac, you can change the default settings of your VPN account. There is three option; All apps use the password, Don not allow selected apps to use the VPN, and Only allow selected apps to use the VPN.

Let’s Jump Into Severs & Speed Testings

ExpressVPN has covered most of the countries all around the globe which make it efficient in unblocking content. They have 1500+ servers in 94 countries among which the user could select the server of their own choice. Also, there is no limit on server switches which is favorable when you are unblocking content especially the streaming services like Netflix.

However, when it comes to the speed performance, it is the most powerful feature I have found while ExpressVPN review. The popularity of ExpressVPN is also due to such speed performance which is a great requirement along with security while browsing and torrenting.

While testing the speed of ExpressVPN, I have changed the servers and noticed that the servers located near my real location were working faster than those which were far. Also, the speed depends on the factors such as server load, your internet speed, operating system, etc. Yet, with all these variables the speed performance of ExpressVPN was extraordinary. Servers which are located in EU were the fastest and the Asian servers were the slowest as compared to the other ExpressVPN server that was located in the US or European Union.

ExpressVPN Website and Interface

The first look of the ExpressVPN site is not too congested and a new user could easily get desired directions. On the home page, they don’t have detailed information about the services; however, some features are highlighted.

While monitoring their webpage for ExpressVPN review, the best thing is that every aspect of VPN is highlighted on the home page with a link to detail information. There is almost the same information in the header and footer of the website, yet there is some extra information in the footer. On the website, there are detailed setup guides for every device along with the video support.

On the other hand, the interface of the ExpressVPN client is also user-friendly and easy-to-use. After completing the process of downloading and installing, you need to enter an activation code when you run it for the first time. The activation code is received through a confirmation email and the code for every device is different.

After all this setup process, the app is started. The first thing is to select the server location which you could mark with the star too if you want to access it later. As told before, the protocol is selected by default and if you want to change it then you need to access the options menu. The options menu has other alterable settings too, which you can customize according to your internet need.

The mobile app of ExpressVPN is also same as the desktop app and it requires the same process. Therefore, this is one of the simplest apps I have seen during many VPN reviews. However, there is one lacking with the connection process of ExpressVPN. When you connect ExpressVPN on a device, you have to manually disconnect it and you cannot boot the connection off from the account remotely.

It doesn’t seem a disadvantage as far as I have to connect the fourth device and I cannot access the already connected one at the moment.

ExpressVPN Works With US Netflix?

When it comes to unblocking Netflix, most of the VPNs are completely unable to give you the privilege. There are really few VPNs which are still working for Netflix and those also remain lagging while streaming videos. When I tested ExpressVPN for Netflix, the result was really good, yet it is necessary to mention that there are certain servers which work for unblocking Netflix.

The reason for just a few working servers is that Netflix is continuously blocking VPN IPs and ExpressVPN has maintained the efficiency because it’s many IPs are still unidentified by the Netflix. Another reason for successful unblocking is that there is an adequate number of ExpressVPN servers in the US. However, with access, you need speed efficacy so that the streaming process goes smoothly without baffling speed hassles.

Yet, there are other popular streaming channels too which I have tested during ExpressVPN review. For instance, HBO, Hulu and BBC iPlayer were easily accessible through ExpressVPN connection.Comment from discussion Does ExpressVPN work? Is it recommended, reliable and safe? Any other service I should try?.

For every unblocking, remember to switch ExpressVPN servers so that you could find a working one.

ExpressVPN With Torrenting Anonymously

Torrenting requires some great VPN features to work properly and that’s the reason many VPNs are extremely sloppy while P2P file sharing. Fortunately, ExpressVPN has the main requirement for torrenting which is a fast speed.

Problem with torrenting is that a user could not only get legal notice but the IP address along with other personal details is visible to every torrenter on that file sharing pool. This is the cause for which people use VPN security but their internet speed goes really slow. Generally, the speed goes down with VPN but while torrenting it becomes more lagging because of the huge torrent files.

ExpressVPN was efficient in torrenting because there is an extra speed component in their service and they also provide unlimited bandwidth which removes the pressure of limited downloading or the thought that the large torrent files will exceed the data limit.

How They Treat You As A Customer?

ExpressVPN provides the 24/7 live chat support for their customers. Unlike many VPN providers, the staff behind the chat is really responsive and they give every detail about the asked query. A more beneficial thing about ExpressVPN customer support is that the live chat is open for every individual whether they are customers or not.

I think the live chat support is a most convenient method to access support staff, but if you want another channel, the ExpressVPN provides contact form and email methods too. The response time for email messages is also adequate and I received the answer in one hour.

ExpressVPN has really easy and simple app that doesn’t really needs the support. However, there are the FAQs, informative blogs and setup guides to direct the customers.

ExpressVPN Review; Final Verdict

For those who are just looking for a perfect VPN without being concerned about the cost, the ExpressVPN is efficient in every perspective. Along with security, the service of ExpressVPN is speedy, torrent friendly and most importantly; it is still working with Netflix unblocking.

Its service has little hassles and the ExpressVPN app is easy-to-use. These all features together make up the worth of high price which is never concerning if you have 30-days money back guarantee.Comment from discussion Express VPN is the slowest and least reliable paid VPN service. Don’t buy it if you are in China.