Bedste Torrent-app til Android 10 bedste muligheder

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Torrent android apps are believed to have some factors which could negatively impact the device functionality through malware or another kind of viruses. Despite this notoriety, the trend to use the torrent app for Android is exceptional.

Therefore, it is necessary to use the best torrent app for Android to minimize the chance of any potential threat.

Torrent downloaders for Android are different for best torrent clients for desktop as the needs for android are different. Therefore, most of the apps we will discuss in this article are the ones having features such as bandwidth control by only allowing downloads through Wi-Fi.

10 Best Torrent Apps for Android

Here are top and best Torrent Apps to download torrents in Android Devices.

1 – Flud | Download App

torrent app androidFlud is the most popular and praised app among the android users. Through this torrent android app, you can download any file hosted in the protocol directly to your android phone or tablet.

It has a simple and clear interface that is much needed when you are using android. Also, the feature helps in better management and downloading of large torrent files.

Besides, Flud supports different protocols, magnet links, a variety of themes, RSS feed support, and support for large files.

Flud has free as well as paid versions which have almost same functionality. However, the paid version is ad-free, and Flud’s free version is as supported.

2 – aTorrent | Download App

atorrent android appaTorrent is a modern application with advanced yet simpler design which definitely deserves to be one of the top choices for the best torrent app for Android.

Like other mentioned apps, aTorrent also allow downloading on Wi-Fi mode only. This app is not overloaded with features but includes vital requirements such as external SD card support, storage locations, parallel downloading, and much more.

Moreover, aTorrent has torrent search dialog, magnet link support, option to open torrent right from a browser, support for various protocols, DTH, and Advanced DTH.

Its free with ads but if you want ad-free version, then you have to pay $1.99.

3 – FrostWire | Download APP

Bedste Torrent-app til Android 10 bedste mulighederIf you desire a modern torrent android app, then FrostWire is probably the best choice for you. Along with basic features, this app offers music player, media browser and online chatting while downloading torrent files.

One distinguishing feature that you might not get with most of the torrent apps is being ad-free. FrostWire is an open source including support for .torrent files and magnet links.

There is a built-in search engine, support for listening to online radio and file sharing for FrostWire users.

4 – FuTorrent | Download

fu-torrent androidFuTorrent is one of the new apps but it still manages to be one of the best torrent apps for Android. The app supports some basic protocols along with multiple download customizations.

With this torrent app you can set the max torrent download and upload speed, max number of active torrents and downloading on Wi-Fi mode only, and other basic features.

There is a torrent search, but it’s not really efficient. Also, the free version contains ads, and it’s not available on Google Play Store. However, you can get the ad-free FuTorrent pro version from Google Play store.

5 – tTorrent | Download

Bedste Torrent-app til Android 10 bedste mulighedertTorrent is simple as well as an active torrent Android app that includes various features. The best feature of tTorrent is the encryption along with a web interface that supports Transdrone and Transdroid.

This app lets you change download settings and supports a variety of protocols including support for magnet links, trackerless torrent (DHT), RSS, IP filtering, proxy (HTTP, SOCKS), etc.

tTorrent also offers a pro version which is comparatively cheaper at the cost of $1.99.

6 – uTorrent | Download

utorrent - android appuTorrent is the torrent client which, is most known and used among all the torrents downloaders. It is one of the oldest torrent clients being very lightweight. Due to this feature, it works really well when downloaded as a torrent client for Android.

The features include Wi-Fi downloading only, support for various protocols, and the option to choose the storage location.

uTorrent is a simple torrent app which allows you to start, stop, pause, record and even adding and dropping a torrent magnet link through the buttons at the top of the client. There is a clear depiction of your torrent statistics including the detailed information about downloading and uploading speed.

Unlike its desktop version, the uTorrent Android app allows unlimited downloading. However, the free version of uTorrent is ad supported, and the pro version is for $3.99.

7 – TorrDroid | Download

Bedste Torrent-app til Android 10 bedste mulighederThe app states itself as a torrent client in the search engine. That is because the TorrDroid provides you a hassle-free way to search and download torrent.

This torrent Android app includes the support for choice for individual file downloads from a torrent, sharing of magnet links, setting download and upload limits, and various protocols.

Moreover, the TorrDroid client supports sequential download which can be used to play video files before their download is complete.

TorrDroid is simple and easy to use.

8 – Vuze | Download

Bedste Torrent-app til Android 10 bedste mulighederVuze is a favorite torrent client for desktop as well as for the Android platform. It has a built-in search module along with numerous files in its database and ability to connect with P2P and other torrent networks. This makes the file downloading search easy and significantly increased for the users.

With Vuze, you can control the torrent download and upload speed, however, it provides the opportunity to stream live video and audio without downloading.

Vuze has efficient file-sharing features and HD-Quality video playing media player.

9 – aDownloader | Download

Bedste Torrent-app til Android 10 bedste mulighederaDownloader allows you to transfer the torrent files from your computer to your Android phone’s SD card and open them with aDownloader.

Also, in the Android browser, you can download the torrent link through the long press and then selecting ‘share link,’ and finally aDownloader.

It is a simple torrent android app which notifies you when a download is completed, and also there is a notification area which displays the ongoing programs. The free version of this app contains ads.

10 – Torrnado | Download

Bedste Torrent-app til Android 10 bedste mulighederTorrnado works a bit different as compared to other torrent android clients. That is, it connects you to the computer instead of downloading torrent on its own.

The primary reason to work in that way is to eradicate the load from your computer through freeing up space and power. The Torrnado works with the favorite torrent client, Transmission.

Torrnado allows you to list, filter, search, and sort torrents. Besides, you could see session and lifetime statistics along with being able to monitor and limit global speeds. Its free version is trial. However, the full version is for $2.90.