Bedste Torrent Tracker-liste: uTorrent Og BitTorrent

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A torrent tracker is a way which helps the peers to find each other. The peer/user sends a request message to the tracker to get register its interest in a torrent. The tracker later replies with a list of other users/peers who have shown the same interest in that torrent. The peer is then directly connected to each of the peers it received from the tracker.

What is a Torrent Tracker?

A torrent tracker is like a server which communicates between two peers/users. A torrent tracker enables the torrent users to transfer their files through BitTorrent protocol. The downloaded torrent file by any torrent site is included in the torrent client software.

In this circumstance, the role of torrent client software becomes essential and vital. The torrent client software will request the downloaded file on other systems. Many suppose these other systems as peers. Therefore, a user can easily download a chunk of the file from peers hassle-free.

Types of Torrent Tracker:

Basically, there are two types of torrent trackers, i.e., public trackers and private trackers. Any torrent user can use these tracker addresses to increase the downloading speed to develop new torrent files. Moreover, by applying the same tactic, a torrent user can increase the downloading speed for existing torrent files.

Public Torrent Tracker:

The public torrent tracker is easily accessible to every user without any interruption or any process of registration. Since the public torrent tracker is readily available to every single user thus, users may face slow speed issues while downloading.

While using these torrent trackers, whenever a user downloads preferred files other users can easily monitor the downloading activities thus, these trackers did not provide the desired and wanted level of privacy to their user. The torrent user is recommended to use VPN for torrenting as it ensures complete protection to its users.

Private Torrent Tracker:

Like public torrent tracker, not everyone can access the private torrent tracker. For using private torrent tracker user first need to register him/herself before obtaining the tracker addresses. Moreover, these trackers do not urge the potential users on their sites. Therefore, the current users have to make a request to new users for becoming their members.

The private torrent tracker offers much better downloading speed than the public trackers. These trackers have particular speeding rules, and it is essential for the torrent user to follow these rules and guideline principles for downloading the desired files.

The private torrents offer more anonymity and privacy to its users. Therefore, it’s a better option than public torrent trackers.

How to use Torrent Tracker?

In simple words, a torrent tracker can be used just like the torrent sites. But there are specific rules for using a torrent tracker, and a user can follow these rules to use the torrent tracker he/she desired for.

uTorrent Tracker:

An uTorrent tracker is a type of a server which receives requests from uTorrent clients. These requests by the users reflect metrics and enable the torrent tracker in recording the complete statistics of the torrent. A user can consider uTorrent tracker to increase the downloading speed of the torrent files.

The torrent user can follow the steps mentioned below to add trackers for uTorrent to increase the downloading speed and to easily share the downloaded files with more peers.

  • Open torrent next to uTorrent and start the process of downloading.
  • By using the ‘’Under Speed Tab,’’ you can check the speed of your downloading.
  • After clicking right the name of download, select properties.
  • Now, you can paste your needed trackers to add uTorrent.
  • Click to ‘’OK’’ button.

BitTorrent Tracker:

A BitTorrent tracker is same as uTorrent tracker. The only difference is that a BitTorrent tracker is a web service which receives requests from BitTorrent clients. Like uTorrent trackers, a BitTorrent tracker is used to speed up the downloading process.

Best Torrent Tracker List:

Torrent trackers help the best torrent clients like uTorrent or BitTorrent to easily communicate through peers. By using these torrent trackers, the user can enhance the downloading speed of the desired torrent file. Here is a list of some best torrent trackers.

  1. udp : // announce
  2. udp :// announce
  3. udp ://
  4. udp :// 1337/announce
  5. udp :// announce
  6. udp ://
  7. udp ://
  8. udp :// tracker. announce

Conclusion: The torrent trackers have various advantages and thus are recommended to users. They operate as a server and also helps the user to increase the speed of the downloading torrent file. These trackers make life easier for the user and are successfully used by users all over the globe.

You can follow this link to know more about the best torrent trackers.