Er qBitTorrent sikkert? Lad os finde ud af det

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qBitTorrent is a cross-field, unrestricted and open-source BitTorrent client. BitTorrent is a communication process for P2P file sharing which is used to circulate data and other files over the internet.

The present world of BitTorrent clients is very immense and endless, but not all of them are provided with all useful features. One such client is known as qBitTorrent which are intended to compete with uTorrent service. Although qBitTorrent’s set of features are somehow similar to uTorrent they are not just the exact copy. qBitTorrent is an international program which supports Unicode and contains translations in more than 70 languages.

qBitTorrent is a lightweight and extremely fast torrenting client which has become one of the most recognized clients in the technology industry. As the client is open source the interface may seem like lost and incomplete, but, in reality below the simple and ordinary interface is a complete collection of features. Either you are torrenting fanatical or an informal torrent downloader, in all cases qBitTorrent traits and characteristics will never let you down.

The qBitTorrent design intends to give an open-source software other than to uTorrent. qBitTorrent operates in all platforms i.e. Windows, Linux, MacOS, OS/2, and FreeBSD. Moreover, this torrent is created on the Qt toolkit and libtorrent-rasterbar library. qBitTorrent is simple and easy to use also all the features are well known and acknowledged.

Features of qBitTorrent:

The qBitTorrent is a free and software which possesses the following features:

  • It is closet open-source software which is similar to uTorrent.
  • It has web-based remote management skills.
  • It contains a built-in search engine ability.
  • It often sends emails regarding the completed downloading process.
  • It has bandwidth scheduler.
  • It comprises torrent creation tools.
  • It also has the ability of IP filtering and port forwarding.
  • It has an active and friendly development team.
  • It is secure and stable.
  • Although it possesses low footprint still it provides all the necessary and required features to the users.
  • It consists of polished uTorrent like user interface.
  • It supports several BitTorrent extensions like private torrents, encrypted connections, magnet links and many more.
  • It is capable of simultaneously search various torrent search sites.
  • It has categories for specific search requests like books, music, software’s, etc.
  • The downloading process is sequential.
  • It has remote control through web user interface which is written with AJAX.
  • It keeps advanced control over torrents, trackers, and peers.

Pros and Cons of qBitTorrent:

Although qBitTorrent is user-friendly and well known in the tech industry there are still some pros and cons which needs to be addressed. Mentioned below are the pros and cons of qBitTorrent:


  • The interface is quite satisfactory and is also simple to use.
  • Various search options are also available.
  • You can stream and download files and other material simultaneously.
  • It consists of seeding feature which enables the user to upload torrent at a quick speed.
  • Torrents can easily be created with qBitTorrent
  • It has an attractive web interface.


  • You need to install python in order to use the search feature.
  • Reinstalling is sometimes required.
  • The user interface gets outdated.
  • It has fewer extensions as compared to other clients.
  • It has constant errors with IO.
  • It generates issues with greater torrent numbers.
  • At times torrents stop the downloading process and it remains in a stuck and helps up position.

Is qBitTorrent safe to use?

qBitTorrent is a file sharing protocol thus, there is nothing illegal or unsafe to use. The software is absolutely legal and safe to use.

Neither torrenting nor qBitTorrent is illegal or unsafe to use. It is absolutely fine and safe to use this software for downloading and sharing various files over the internet.

The only concern is that every country has their own rules and regulations regarding the copyrighted material. Therefore, it is highly recommended for the users to consider their country’s guidelines for torrenting. It may be possible that in the country it will be legal but in another country, it might be illegal.

The users are also suggested to take precautionary measures while torrenting through qBitTorrent so they can’t be caught by the legal authorities. Because if caught then they had to face legal action which can lead to a penalty and even imprisonment for weeks, months, and even years.