Er uTorrent sikkert? – Find alle aspekter af fortrolighed

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With almost 100 million active users, the sister platforms uTorrent and BitTorrent have gained around 50 percent of the market share of all the BitTorrent clients.

Such reputation could not be gained without any uniqueness and performance. However, it is also true that none of the software is completely safe. Therefore, the search for queries like is uTorrent safe and is BitTorrent safe are asked in abundance on different platforms.

Here in this article, I will explain some aspects through which you could judge that is uTorrent and BitTorrent safe or not.

Is uTorrent Safe? – Concerns and Cases

At the beginning of 2018, there was news about the uTorrent vulnerability that left users with the risks of hacking and snooping. According to the reports, the Windows desktop, as well as the web clients both, were detected with vulnerabilities.

This issue was discovered by Tavis Ormandy of Google Project Zero. However, soon BitTorrent Inc. had released the beta version with a security fix. Also, the web version of uTorrent was repaired as stated by Dave Rees, vice president of engineering at BitTorrent.

In 2015, news surfaced on the internet that the uTorrent is involved in bundling bitcoin mining software. This software was reported to auto- install with the uTorrent client and to secretly use host machines for mining bitcoins without acknowledging users about it.

This issue was also appeared to be merely spread and the uTorrent management removed the malware from the forthcoming releases.

In 2014, the Google Chrome browser had marked the uTorrent client as malware; however, it appeared to be clean from viruses.

With all these news regarding the uTorrent client, one could probably ask that Is uTorrent safe and most of the time answer is yes. This is because the software immediately comes up with security patches.

Alongside, there are some other reasons torrent could be unsafe. For instance, it could be the malvertisement (ads that contain malware) through which your BitTorrent client gets infected.

Privacy Best Version of uTorrent

As BitTorrent Inc. has continually released different versions of uTorrent – either for security patch or with advanced features – there is always a thought that which version is best in terms of privacy.

There are various releases for uTorrent and every new version has more features and a lighter weight than its previous one.

However, the experts and experienced users claim that the uTorrent version 2.2.1 is still the safest. It is also the last version to be adware-free. There are many ways through which you can download the previous versions; however, this Reddit threat will give you links to download this OG version.

How to Disable Ads on uTorrent

No matter which app, software or website you are running, you always want interruption free usage and the major hassle in ad display.

uTorrent also has ad support and generally, you have to pay for the ad-free version. However, later the company made it optional after the user revolt. We will tell you a procedure through which you can disable ad display from your uTorrent client through some setting tweaks.

Remember to follow the instructions carefully as the client settings are a bit complicated and a little mistake could make an unwanted change to your uTorrent client.

5 Easy Steps to remove Ads On uTorrent

Step 1: Open the uTorrent client on your device and click “Options”. Er uTorrent sikkert? - Find alle aspekter af fortrolighed

Step 2: From the drop-down bar, select “Preference”. remove ads utorrent

Step 3: Then, from the sidebar, select “Advance”. (Be careful while clicking the advance option and not click the ‘+’ sign) Is utorrent safe

Step 4: After that, various options will appear in a window and among those you need to change the value of certain options to “false” in order to disable ads. Below I would write some keywords which you need to enter one by one in the filter field and change their value simultaneously.

remove ads on utorrentTo change the value to false, double-click on ‘True’ or just click it once and select false.

Er uTorrent sikkert? - Find alle aspekter af fortrolighed

  • Left_rail_offer
  • Sponsored_torrent-offer
  • show_plus
  • enable_pulse
  • show_notorrents
  • offer_autoexec

Step 5: When you are done with changing the value of all these options, click “OK” at the below of the window and exit the uTorrent client. is utorrent safe

Now wait for a moment and restart your uTorrent client. Hopefully, now you will land on ad-free uTorrent.

Why You Should use uTorrent Safely?

Not just the users of the uTorrent client but all the torrent downloaders of every BitTorrent client should torrent anonymously because of the extreme privacy risks that are with unprotected torrenting.

As discussed in previous articles, in a torrent swarm all the peers could easily get the IP address and other details of every peer.

That is a clear and really feasible way for any malicious entity to enter the swarm and easily get a user’s detail. Yet, your internet provider could monitor your torrent downloading without any added effort. However, you must know the perils when you get caught torrenting.

How to Use uTorrent Safely

There are certain ways through which could anonymize uTorrent and any other BitTorrent software you are using. Instead of discussing all the things again, I would recommend you to read this article, “How to Torrent Safely”.

This article encompasses the measures that would ensure safety from Privacy as well as malware risks while torrenting.