Sådan downloades Torrent anonymt

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Torrenting is simply a file sharing process which involves several individuals in the downloading process. BitTorrent is a technology rather than a program software which enables quick and fast downloading and file sharing between peers.

Although torrenting is purely a legal and safe thing to do there are some countries which consider it as illegal and unsafe. Regardless of all political influence or pressure, torrents are the most effective and competent way to download and share different material from the web. The torrent speed and ability to provide an acceptable level of service is shared out to their popularity.

The most serious concern about torrents is their privacy. Torrents exhibit serious privacy concerns. Also, they are designed in a way that the copyright trolls or hackers can easily catch them if they don’t follow the safety tips.

With the anti-piracy teams and uncertain law organizations policing many BitTorrent clients are finding ways to hide their real identities from the world.

A large number of BitTorrent users looking for ways to hide their identity while torrenting. This is because when a user downloads torrent anonymously then the tracker will not be able to trace the user’s IP address and also whatever files/ material a user download are unable to access.

Why Should Torrenters Care About Anonymity?

The users should care very much about their anonymity because they can end up themselves in court or even in jails. As per the US Copyright Office, copyright violations can result in criminal punishments which include imprisonment up to 5 years and penalties up to $250,000 per violation.

How to download ‘’Torrent’’ anonymously?

If you want to download torrent anonymously without letting the outside world to know your identity then mentioned below are the methods which you can follow to download torrent anonymously:

  1. Use VPN:

Using a VPN is one of the most effective and efficient ways to go anonymous. VPN is the best and simplest way to hide your identity and IP address from other peers. Although a good service provider VPN will charge some amount of money but with their efficient services will route all your traffic data. Although not all VPN is for an anonymously downloading torrent but before downloading a VPN first cross check if it is for anonymous downloading or not.

Secondly, before using a VPN for downloading torrent anonymously make sure:

  • VPN is for anonymous downloading.
  • VPN doesn’t keep logs
  • Check extra features of the VPN.
  1. Use Torrent Privacy:

Torrent privacy is another recently emerged method for downloading torrent anonymously. This service is made available to BitTorrent clients. This proxy service is similar like BT Guard. The torrent privacy provides modified uTorrent clients that have all the pre-configured necessary settings. It is functioned by the TorrentReactore.net team. It forms a tunnel between the system and the remote server. Moreover, the data is also encrypted which means data is inaccessible and is upheld by the services. The only drawback with this service is that it is limited to users only on Windows platforms.

  1. Use ANOMOS:

Anomos is basically a free Windows programs and an encrypted multi P2P file distribution protocol. This program allows BitTorrent users to hide their identity and IP address. More than 1,600 users have requested for the Anomos protocol to be built into a future uTorrent build, making it the second most famous suggestion all over.

The cons of Anomos is they are not completely consistent and compatible with regular torrent files. This is because it uses its own torrent format. Also, the downloading speed is normally low than regular BitTorrent transfers.

  1. Use SeedBox:

Seedboxes are optimized servers typically designed for torrent transfers f P2P files. With Seedboxes, users get high downloading speed and it helps to hide their IP address from the outside world.

Seedboxes are high-speed servers which make use of BitTorrent protocol for downloading and uploading torrent anonymously. On a high-speed network, seedboxes are capable of downloading large files within few minutes.

After the seedbox is downloaded, the user can download files to their system through a fast and quick HTTP connection.

  1. Use BT Guard:

Like torrent privacy, BT Guard is also a proxy service which effectively hides the user’s IP address. Unlike torrent privacy, its services are available with all devices like Mac, Windows, and Linux. For more security, the service also includes some VPN which have encryption tunnel software.

The BT Guard service is simple to download and install. It doesn’t keep records of usage data and offers unlimited downloading speed. The only drawback is that usage is limited to only Asia, Canada, and Europe.

  1. Using I2P:

To download torrent anonymously, you can also use an anonymous overlay network known as I2P. The prime goal of this network is to protect and secure communication from the observation and surveillance of third parties like Internet Service Providers.

Many users who are seriously concerned about their privacy use this overlay network. The I2P network is available on embedded systems, desktops, and Android phones.

Choose Anonymous Method:

It entirely depends on the users to choose their favorite anonymize method. However, for maximum protection, you can either choose VPN method or proxy service method for the anonymously downloading torrent.

Let’s overview the pros/cons of using a VPN in contrast to proxy service:



Provides stronger encryption. It is not encrypted.
Works efficiently with any torrent App. Torrent client App must have proxy support.
Works slower than a proxy. Works faster than VPN.
Torrent and web browser IP is same. Both torrent and web browser IPs are different.
Routes all data through VPN. Routes torrent traffic separately from other data.
If VPN disconnects so, torrent IP address may be exposed. If proxy disconnects so, torrent IP address may not be exposed.

Torrenting is simply the act of copying files from one system to another using BitTorrent. It is important to hide your real identity while torrenting as it can lead to legal proceedings due to copyright infringements. To do so anonymously, there are various methods which a user can choose by considering both pros and cons and can be safe from the third parties’ surveillance.