Sådan får du ikke fanget tøs – Nem guide

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Most of the people probably know the concept of torrenting and how it works. If not, then you can have a quick look at this article before reading further.

Where torrenting is fascinating, it is also risky at the same time. And you can get caught torrenting latest movies, TV shows and music releases.

Risk prevails in torrenting because there are many websites which provide many illegal materials and copyright content. However, they create an impression that the content they display is entirely legal when it’s not.

That’s why many netizens download illegal content even if they are not intended to carry out such activity. As a result, they end up with copyright infringement notices or warnings.

Therefore, to stay secure, you could follow some steps not to get caught torrenting.

Is Torrenting Illegal?

There is a term known as copyright which points out to the right of displaying content to only. The owner or when the content owner permits access to anyone.

Anyone who provides such copyright material for free or the one who torrents such material then he/she is performing an illegal task. However, torrenting itself is not illegal.

For knowing how not to get caught torrenting. You must be aware of the entities which are mostly monitoring torrenting activities.

If you are aware of how torrenting works, then you probably know that an ISP, copyright holder, government or law enforcement entity could easily catch torrent downloader from the torrent swarm (a collection of peers that are uploading and downloading the same torrent file).

Whereas, if you have taken any precaution then your torrenting might remain anonymous.

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What Happens When You Get Caught Torrenting?

Being caught while sharing torrents, could have mild as well as extreme consequences.

You may receive a warning letter from your ISP, or you could experience a throttled speed as a penalty. However, severe punishments for illegal torrenting are also collective.

But, torrenting laws largely depend on the country you are living in. For instance, in UK 12-months prison was given to someone sharing copyrighted top 40 singles in 2016.

There are chances that you receive a penalty letter from Copyright trolls. Copyright trolls are the small businesses which have the job of going after the individual pirates. They locate the IP address of torrent downloading illegal content, and with the consent of copyright holder, the company takes legal action on their behalf.

Most of these companies use a common tactic which is basically to settle the case outside the court. Copyright trolls use email or even go door-to-door to hand the copyright settlement letter.

In such letters, there is threatening of sung over $100,000, but they only ask $3000 which seems extremely low as well as without the hassles of court cost and risk.

How To Not Get Caught Torrenting?

All the torrenting safety revolves around masking IP address which is the most significant identity pointer of an individual sharing torrent.

Using a VPN

This term might be so repeated for the ones who want to remain anonymous. That’s what increasing the VPN usage and acceptance that it is the most effective way to mask IP address.

VPNs range from being extremely cheap to a bit high cost, but you can never judge the VPN performance or safety through price judgment. The VPN features could give you a gist of the performance of that service, but a proper idea is attained through the user review of VPN for torrenting.


The Onion Router (Tor) is free and a bit similar to VPN; hence it is used by some netizens who don’t want to pay for anonymity.

Tor also provides traffic encryption and IP masking by making the traffic to pass through several ‘node’. However, for many reasons, Tor is not considered efficient for torrenting purpose. First and the most important of all is a noticeable slow speed which contradicts with high bandwidth demanding task, torrenting.

Tor could be a most prominent target of law enforcement and governmental bodies as it is a favorite tool among hackers/criminals.


Peerblock is a well-known and specially designed app for torrent sharing. Keeping in mind the prominent risk of IP exposure to all the more torrent in a swarm, the Peerblock contains a blacklist of IP addresses.

The snooping IP addresses with the prime purpose of tracking torrent user are regularly updated on this desktop firewall. Sadly, the Peerblock blacklist is just updated once, upon installation. A user willing to get regular updates needs to pay for it.

But the question is, will this make sure that every spurious IP is present in Peerblock’s blacklist?

Also, the copyright troll or any other snooping entity could quickly figure out IPs from a swarm through using an IP which is not in the blacklist.


Seedbox is for BitTorrent that lets you share the torrent with dedicated high-speed servers. It is a remote server providing users a high speed along with masking the IP from the general public.

Once the downloading is finished, the downloaded torrent file is hosted in the Seedbox, and you can download it to your PC anytime.

There are some Seedbox vendors who provide and HTTP file browser allowing you to download files from the Seedbox through a web browser.

What To Do If You Get Caught Torrenting Illegal Stuff?

Most people do not care about anonymity while torrenting until they end up with copyright notices or settlement letters.

If you are the one, then some of the advice might help you. However, it is essential to follow the precautionary anonymity patterns before you get caught torrenting illegally.

Some people are fortunate, and they just get warning notices from ISPs which is not a huge thing to worry about. But this is a must alert moment for internet users.

Now, mostly the settlement letters are also received via your ISP. A copyright troll following the court system writs your ISP and force it to email customers with a legal threat and to provide personal details. Because the IP address is not a person (according to US law), the copyright trolls could not get the actual identity of users.

Therefore, if the email does not contain any personal identification of yours then keep it that way and avoid replying to this email. Responding to this mail will reveal your personal information to the copyright troll if the ISP hasn’t provided your credentials.