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Hulu Plus is my favorite streaming channel renowned for its TV shows and movies, it can easily be accessed on devices. I’m streaming Hulu in US for last 2 years. These days I’m spending my summer vacation in abroad but Hulu Plus streaming is unavailable or blocked in other countries. I searched “How to Unblock Hulu Plus outside the US on devices” such as Android, iOS, Kodi, Ruko and else but couldn’t found any valuable guide to stream it.

It’s been a week that I’m unable to Watch Hulu TV programs and movies which I used to stream on my AppleTV at the homeland. Also, this has made my holidays boring, If anyone who has experienced this before and knows How to Watch Hulu in other countries on Xbox or PS4 share your recommendations.

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I understand why people try to unblock Hulu outside the USA because it’s the most famous TV Show streaming channel after Netflix around the world. It offers streaming content for the people of different genders and ages and this makes the Hulu unique amongst streaming channels.

Hulu has separate teams of different categories which cater the TV Shows and movies. According to the official report, Hulu has more than 12 million active users. Due to a vast number of increase in active users from all around the world, Hulu starts restricting the users to maintain the credibility of TV shows and movies.

In the initial phase, Hulu blocks the IP addresses of outside the USA but due to its quality streaming content people starts using software to unblock Hulu in their regions or countries. Then Hulu starts blocking the software such as VPNs to maintain its users.

Still, best VPNs are available who allows the users to unblock Hulu outside the USA in seconds. But it’s difficult to judge which VPN provider supports streaming because no one speaks openly that we support Hulu in other countries like Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and Germany.

Previously, I was using the ExpressVPN for unblocking Hulu, for last few months It’s not working effectively. So, I switched to NordVPN It has more VPN servers than any other VPN provider. You can install NordVPN on any device, it supports IOS, Android, Windows Mac, and Linux.

To subscribe Hulu you need to install a VPN on your device after installation connects any USA server from the VPN server list. Now you can subscribe the Hulu channel. Once the subscription gets to approve, you can login into your account and start streaming but remember don’t for to connect the USA VPN Server otherwise your account will get blocked by Hulu.

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Hulu Plus is a renowned instant video streaming platform which offers more than 6 streaming categories including TV shows and Movies. Currently, Hulu Plus is available for streaming in USA and Japan but it has millions of followers from all around the world because of its amazing streaming content. Streaming lovers who are living overseas in search of “how to watch Hulu Plus outside US” some people finds the reliable solution but most of them suffered with streaming blockade.

To unblock Hulu in other regions you need to choose a VPN – NordVPN or ExpressVPN because Hulu streaming is geographically restricted, secondly Hulu is blocking non-reliable VPNs that are allowing the access of Hulu from other countries. When you set up VPN connection it evades the blockade and protects your internet traffic from knowing the ISP that you are streaming block content.

Initially VPN was designed for privacy and security and later security engineers introduced encryption feature and dedicated privacy protocol which makes your streaming content completely protected from hackers and ISPs.

I am a streaming lover and I was struggling to find high-quality software which bypasses the restriction, so my friend recommends me to use VPN and now it’s more than 8 months I am successfully enjoying the streaming content.

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Hulu was founded in 2007 as a video-on-demand streaming channels but in the initial phase of 3 years Hulu was not getting the presence of streaming lovers, at that time it was easy to watch Hulu outside US. But when Hulu worked separately on its content categories and divided its streaming content in different ages and genders the streaming lovers start subscribing its channels which allow Hulu to grow successfully.

In 2011 Hulu changes its strategy of streaming content and blocks lots of IP servers who were operating from other countries. Since then Hulu is restricted for people who live outside USA or Japan cannot enjoy the leading TV shows and movies. Still streaming lovers are managing to unblock Hulu in their countries using (VPN) a dedicated private network shows Hulu a US citizen is accessing the streaming.

The selection process of VPN is little difficult because some people thing that free VPN can Unblock Hulu because it has all those options which a paid VPN offers but it’s totally wrong, only rare VPNs can Unblock Hulu in all the regions of the world.

I am also a Hulu streamer and I have gone through this process lot of times to explore which software is capable in April 2017. I came to NordVPN is effective in this case because they are using advance technology.

Steps to watch Hulu outside the US

  1. You need to subscribe a VPN
  2. Install and setup a VPN on your device
  3. Connect the “USA Server” from VPN Server list
  4. Login to your Hulu Account
  5. Start streaming your favorite TV show or Movie

This VPN also give you the internet security and privacy, stops ISPs from keeping your data, blocks hackers and surveillance agencies. It means whatever you do your information is fully secure.

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Hulu Plus has millions of subscribers from the USA and Japan who enjoys streaming TV shows and movies on daily basis. But Hulu is blocked or you can say not available for streaming in rest of the countries. Hulu plans its content for the people of different age and genders and due to this the popularity of Hulu has increased a lot and it makes Hulu Plus the leading streaming channel in USA.

Streaming lovers try different things to Unblock Hulu Plus in their country but fail to bypass Hulu’s restriction. In fact people who are living outside the USA cannot purchase Hulu’s channel subscription. If a person wants to subscribe Hulu Plus the location should from United States.

But it’s still not yet finish for overseas, you can watch Hulu Plus in your country and for that you need a Virtual Private Network. A VPN has its own dedicated IPs, server, and security protocols which evade the streaming channel restriction. VPN is an application based software which you can configure any device or operating system i.e. Android, Mac, Windows, iOS, Linux and else. VPN is fully protected from transferring the data with end-to-end encryption.

I use VPN to Unblock Hulu Plus in Australia because in my country Hulu is restricted.

Following are the steps to Stream Hulu in Abroad.

Step 1: Took a VPN and Configure on your device.

Step 2: Connect the Server Location “USA”.

Step 3: Sign up for Hulu Plus subscription.

Step 4: Login into your Hulu Account and start streaming your favorite shows.

Remember: Once you done the streaming, first logout from your Hulu Account and then disconnect your VPN connection.

I am doing the similar process and watching Hulu in my country for last eight months.

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The time when you realize that your favorite tv and movie network is not accessible outside the United States, breaks your heart into pieces. Its more terrible when you have paid for its subscription. This happened with me last year, when I was outside US and wanted to access Hulu.

One of my friend then suggested me to use a VPN service but she also warned me to not to use a free one. Without wasting time, I quickly looked for the best VPNs and found that Express VPN is the best one to have. I then set up the connection and now I am able to watch all my favorite shows.

You can also check https://www.beencrypted.com/best-vpn-services-provider-list/ , to know more about the best VPNs.

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If you are looking how to watch Hulu outside the US because your current location in from another country where Hulu is blocked so I want to tell you that Hulu is not available in abroad. People use proxy and free VPNs to unblock Hulu but only manage to access hulu once because mostly people receive an error “Currently our video library can only streamed within the United States”. Hulu is using latest technology blocking proxies and VPNs.

I stream hulu at home and abroad as well, recently when I traveled to Australia and took the most reliable VPN to unblock Hulu because I was along and had nothing else for entrainment but VPN makes my whole month tour amazing because when I connected VPN “US Server” and get successful access into my Hulu account then I started streaming all my favorite shows which I use to do in the USA.

You will not find all the paid VPNs working on Hulu so be careful while choosing a VPN because you will hardly five VPNs which allow you to access Hulu outside the US. Don’t forget to look VPN features that are valuable because if a VPN doesn’t have the servers in USA because it’s impossible to watch Hulu outside the US.

VPN protects your connection from ISP and data fetchers and enables you to freely enjoy the streaming of your favorite channel.

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I moved to Australia few months back and  when I accessed Hulu Plus it told me that the service is Geo-restricted to the United States only. I paid their subscription in advanced so it was my necessity to buy a VPN and utilized my subscription because I am a fan of Hulu Plus.

I purchased NordVPN after reading features and the security it provides, especially when I am in a data retention legislation country. Secondly, when I talked to a customer support guy, he told me they have exclusive Smart Play DNS which can also unblock other services, such as Netflix which I am planning to subscribe.

If you are outside the US, I would suggest you to give NordVPN a try which is available on 30-day money back guarantee and $3.29 per month under 2 years subscription.

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In the start of this year I traveled to UK for a month and I faced almost the same situation because I wasn’t known that Hulu is geo restricted in other countries, so I searched how to watch Hulu outside the US and came to know about some useful VPN resources and then I decided to ask from security geek and the VPN they also allow me to use it.

First I setup the VPN client on my laptop and connected with US IP server, from the start VPN connection works brilliant especially the speed was superb. This VPN has its own strong security protocols which unblocks Hulu in other countries of the world. I stream my favorite TV shows and movies.

If you have never experienced VPN no problem just take NordVPN and setup with your respective device and start streaming your favorite TV shows and movies.

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Free VPNs and Proxies won’t work with Hulu Plus. Because they leak and sell information and does not hide your location well enough. You’ll need a paid VPN for Hulu Plus with dedicated servers in the US optimized for streaming.

Most of the people would suggest you to buy smart DNS, but they are only limited to streaming and does not provide security. I personally use NordVPN to have both, security and free of cost smart play DNS service, to give me the benefit without spending extra money.

  1. Subscribe for NordVPN.
  2. Setup your VPN on your system (single account allows 6 devices)
  3. Select a US server, and hit Connect.
  4. Access your Hulu Plus account and you won’t get the error this time.

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If you already have a US subscription of Hulu Plus then all you need is just a reliable VPN for Hulu Plus. VPN restricts your geo-restriction and encrypts your Internet traffic so streaming services like Hulu Plus cannot track you back to your location.

Here’s a list of Top 3 VPN For Hulu Plus which, in my opinion, are the best choice for a VPN.

NordVPN has many Ultra Fast TV servers in US and the fact that it has dedicated smart play DNS integrated within its software at no cost, makes it the best choice for streaming experience. Moreover, it is the best security tool with unique security features such as Double Encryption.

NordVPN is on Deal for $3.29 per month billed every two years – it means you will only pay just $79 for the 2 whole years.

PureVPN has largest presence in VPN industry i.e. 141 countries. It has many servers in the US which allows you to bypass the Hulu Plus geo-restriction and encrypt all your streaming data to make it anonymous. You can use the Split Tunnel feature to separate your online work and streaming.

You can grab PureVPN for $2.95 per month billed every 2 year – it means you will only be paying $70.80 for the two whole year.

If you want a cheap alternative then Ivacy VPN for Hulu Plus would be the best choice. It also has servers in the US which allows you to bypass regional restrictions and encrypt your entire Internet data with 256-bit AES encryption. You can also enjoy the Split Tunnel feature on it as well.

Ivacy VPN is on Holiday Deal for $2.04 per month billed every 2 years – it means that you get 87.5% price cut for the whole two years.

You can read more about these VPN services in detail at best VPN services 2017.

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Hulu is the America’s largest movie and TV show network; it has more than 12 Million subscribers. The biggest drawback of Hulu that is only available for the people of USA. Hulu is geographical restricted which means that your physical location must be in USA if you are wondering to watch Hulu.

People from USA who travels for business trip or vacation they are unable to access Hulu account from any other country because of geo graphical restriction. Hulu operates through IP address. So, if you covert you’re original IP address into US IP so will able to watch Hulu outside the US.

How to Watch Hulu Outside the US

A VPN changes your actual IP address into US and evade the Hulu geo location restriction by creating a secure tunnel for transferring of internet traffic. 256-bit AES encryption level makes your data unreadable for hackers and data snoopers.

Several VPNs claim to unblock Hulu but actually they are fail to deliver in accessing Hulu from outside the US, that’s the main reason we conduct the test process to know which VPN is capable in unblocking Hulu from other countries.


It is the most recommended VPN for all purposes; it has a huge network of fast dedicated servers which makes easy for customers to stream channels without any buffering. ExpressVPN takes few seconds to connect with your desire location, it offers 256 AES encrypted tunnel for secure data transfer.

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