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Hide.me VPN (Location – Malaysia)

Countries: 28 | Server Locations: 36 | Number of Servers: 100 | Multi-Device: 5

Hide.me VPN reviewOverview – Hide Me Review:

Based in Malaysia, Hide.me VPN is among the tenderfoots in the VPN industry. It has gained popularity for its outstanding security, privacy, and transparency features. The anonymity offered by Hide.me VPN is guaranteed and the astonishing performance levels can be put to trial by the user through the free trial version available for testing before employing.

The server, however, does not offer built-in support for OpenVPN and the Premium plan is unable to make it up to the list of “Budget VPNs”.

Here is a comprehensive Hide.me VPN review which sheds light on the different aspects of the Hide.me VPN provider:


  • Zero logs policy
  • Excellent download speeds
  • Great performance
  • 256-bit military grade encryption
  • Live chat feature
  • Well-designed for simplicity
  • 24/7 expert customer support


  • Monthly Premium plan a bit pricier
  • Limited server locations

Hide.me VPN Features

Pricing Plans:

Hide.me has 3 different plans including a free service and two paid plans. The pricing plans include:

  • Free
  • Premium
  • Plus Hide.me VPN review

We would recommend you to use the Premium package if you wish to have the best experience with Hide.me. This Premium package allows five simultaneous connections and it does not have a data transfer limit as well.

The Free plan is however limited in some aspects but it is useful enough to get you through when you are low on funds or when you want to judge the services of Hide.me VPN.

The Plus package will suit you best when you are not a constant user of VPN and are willing to use the Hide.me VPN time to time.

These pricing plans offered by Hide.me VPN come with increasing discounts and it depends on how longer you sign up for. For instance, the Premium package ranges from $20/month and can go up to $11.67. Similarly, the Plus ranges from $10 per month and can go up to $5.42. These pricing plans hang in the middle of the mid-to-high span range of the VPN but they do not let you suffer from a compromise on quality in services.

The crucial thing to be noted here is that Hide.me VPN offers a total refund policy within 14 days and if less than 500MB has been used. Using this criterion, you can easily validate the quality of the VPN service.

Security and Privacy:

VPN is considered as the best tool for encryption among other tools and services. When data is transferred on the Internet it travels in the form of packets. These packets can be intercepted with much ease by anyone through the use of simple tools that are available on the Internet. Taking an example of an unlocked mobile phone here, since it is unlocked so anyone can use it and get hold of your sensitive information but if the mobile phone is locked then no one will be able to look into your data easily.

Encryption works the same way thus giving the hackers or the snoopers a tough job to read your conversations or stalk and monitor your online activities. VPN is, therefore, the only tool that provides ironclad AES 256-bit encryption with an 8192-bit key. This AES 256-bit encryption algorithm is considered by far the safest encryption methods against any brute force attacks contrary to arguments and beliefs.

Hide.me VPN has passed our privacy tests as well by completely cloaking our online activities all the time.

Available Protocols:

According to our Hide.me VPN review, the VPN provider supports different protocols which are all equally popular. The available protocols include IPSec (IKEv1 and IKEv2 along with AES-128 and AES-256 encryption), OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, and SoftEther support with encryptions ranging from AES 128-bit, 160-bit, and 256-bit algorithm as well. Hide.me VPN also supports SOCKS proxy.

Premium and Plus plan users are capable of choosing any protocol for connecting to a VPN. However, if you are a free VPN user then you are limited to PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, and IPsec (IkEv1 and IKEv2). Users are able to use the excellent speeds with low ping times, once they are the connected to the best server locations.


Through our Hide.me VPN review, we got to know that multiple support options are available for the customers who require help at any time as the support staff is available 24/7. The users are also capable of adding attachments to their queries, requests, and complaints. But the major drawback is the time delay which the users suffer before finally receiving a reply back.

However, for instant response and solution to your query you can always help yourself with the Live Chat service that is available on the website. Through the live chat service, you can solve your queries or get an answer to your questions real quickly and swiftly.

Furthermore, Hide.me VPN also has a community page where according to our Hide.me review, the admins, and developers are very active. So if you want to ask a general question you can ask it on the community page where you will get a number of answers and solutions to all your queries as well. For signing in to the community you will have to create another account which is solely done for the security reasons.

Hide.me VPN also has a FAQ page. This FAQ page is helpful in many ways and divides into two categories, that is, general and billing. The FAQ page although has a limited set of questions, provides its users with brief and easily understandable answers.

The Hide.me VPN blog section also provide its users with detailed answers to almost all the questions they might have regarding the service, the features, logs, pricing, server locations, and security etc. The users face no trouble at all in finding the article concerning to their query, from where they do not just get the solutions but they can also educate themselves on many other different aspects of the VPN service as well.

Following the different blogs, you can also stay updated on the latest giveaways and promotions as well.

Logging Policy:

Hide.me VPN is now certified as a completely log-free service after the audit by Leon Juranic, who is one of the most reputed security analysts from Defensecode Ltd. Thus, they do not keep any personal data so that they can avoid legal liability from their end and also ensure their user’s online privacy.

We are living in an era where mass surveillance and anti-privacy laws are gaining strong footholds and making it quite tough to keep our online identity anonymous and failsafe. Those VPN service providers who keep logs of your online activities, as well as your payment details, are a big threat to your privacy as they can at any time be forced by authorities to hand over your data. But with Hide.me VPN since they do not keep any logs so it eventually becomes useless to ask them for handing over the data which they do not have.

Most importantly Hide.me VPN is based in Malaysia and the local laws have no obligations on them to store user logs, unlike the FIVE Eye countries where VPN providers have no choice but to store user logs as per the laws.

So according to our Hide.me VPN review, we believe in the VPN provider’s no log policy and take Hide.me VPN’s word for it, since it has clearly stated, “We do not monitor or log your browsing behavior. The way we have chosen to build Hide.me makes this impossible. All of the usage data we receive is completely anonymous, and is not connected to your real IP address or location.”


According to our Hide.me VPN review, the PC client of Hide.me VPN is well-designed and it is compact. The best server is available just a click away, as the list of servers is instantly on view and its status information about your location and current IP address is always visible.

The Settings dialog is very astute and the opening tab displays the main connection and application settings. The settings include options like launch on startup, reconnect automatically, prevent DNS leaks, and remember selected location as well.

Hide.me VPN is packed with features which upgrade its performance to a high level automatically. There is also a Limit Connectivity feature that disables local network connectivity while the VPN is active and the kill switch feature limits connectivity entirely if the VPN drops.

Hide.me VPN Setup Guide

There are 2 options available for people willing to employ Hide.me VPN:

  1. Either, Create a free account
  2. Or test drive the money-back guarantee by Signing up for a Paid Plan

Here is a guide which will instruct you on how to setup Hide.me VPN:

Click on the Try for Free button available on the left of the homepage, whereas a Sign-up button is also there in the upper-right hand corner. Hide.me VPN review

Once your account has been created, click Login in the navigation menu. The screen of member dashboard will appear. Now click on the Support section. Hide.me VPN review

The support page will now show you all of the different devices available. While you scroll down you will be able to see icons depicting each available device. Select the one which your device supports.

Hide.me VPN review

Moving further, now you can either download automatic setup version of Hide.me VPN.. Hide.me VPN reviewOr if you want things to run your own way then you can select the manual setup to configure the protocol of your choice. Here is a view of what that option looks like: Hide.me VPN review

Once the application’s been downloaded, you can now run the file and follow the on-screen instructions which will direct you to login to your freshly created or existing account.

Hide.me VPN review

Now login with the same credentials, with which you set up on their website, in order to access the service on your device. Your account will get activated this way and you can now easily enjoy the Hide.me VPN services.

If you are willing to switch locations of your server, then click on the button labeled Automatic.

Hide.me VPN review

A drop down list will appear which provides you with countless options to choose from.

Hide.me VPN review

Conclusion – Is Hide.me even worth it?

There is a lot to discuss about Hide.me VPN despite of the relatively small set of services.

In a nutshell, our Hide.me VPN review demonstrates that Hide.me is a solid, likable, and reliable service. Security and anonymity have been detected as the priorities of this VPN. It offers a no log policy and their servers are offered in 28 locations including the main countries that you will be looking for. The speeds are faster than many other services we have tested even with the military grade encryption (256-bit) that they offer. There is a vast array of protocols to choose from and a limited free access to 3 servers, allowing you to validate the system without any limits.